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[ecrea] CFP: Mediating the Real MediaNZ special issue 16.2

Tue Feb 14 11:41:05 GMT 2017

*/CFP: Mediating the Real _MediaNZ_ special issue 16.2/*

This special issue of /MediaNZ /(, edited by Rosemary Overell and Misha Kavka, addresses what the ‘Real’ might mean in contemporary media studies. Moving beyond common-sense understandings of ‘realness’ as material world or objective ‘Truth’, /Mediating the Real/ seeks scholarly contributions that applypsychoanalytic and/or Lacanian understandings of the Real to mediated cultures. The special issue takes its motivation from currents in critical Lacanian thought which interrogate the political dimensions of the Real’s irruptions into, and intersections with, contemporary culture. In particular, we are calling for papers that engage with mediated cultural formations in order to investigate the Real as an anchor / point of return, as more than / beyond the Symbolic, as radically inaccessible / alterior, as that which troubles the Imaginary, etc.

Alongside psychoanalytic approaches, we also encourage submissions from scholars more broadly concerned with media and constitutions of ‘reality’ (e.g. Baudrillard).

This special issue takes a necessarily broad approach to ‘media’ including papers relating to:

  * televisual and cinematic representations
  * ‘the voice’
  * music and sound
  * art and / or design
  * written forms
  * digital media

Questions that accepted papers might address might include (but are not limited to:

  * How does the Real function in contemporary media cultures?
  * How do questions of sexuation and gender figure in terms of
    intersections of the Real and media?
  * How do appeals to, and representations of, ‘reality’ in news and
    factual media (the news, documentary or reality TV, for example)
    temper or impact on the Real?
  * What is the role of the Real in a 'post-truth' environment?
  * What is the relation between the Real and the mediated subject, in
    particular the logged in, digitally mediated Self?
  * What is the role of psychoanalysis in contemporary media studies –
    especially considering the emphasis on empiricism in institutional
    contexts that value quantified, ‘objective’ outputs?

/MediaNZ/ is a peer-reviewed, esteemed journal of media studies from New Zealand and beyond.

Abstracts (no more than *250 words*) and bios (*100 words*) should be sent to Rosemary Overell: *(rosemary.overell /at/ <mailto:(rosemary.overell /at/>* by *15^th March 2017*. Completed articles (6000-8000 words) will be due by *30th April 2017.*

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