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[ecrea] CfP: No Way Out - Theatre as Mediatised Practice

Sun Feb 12 19:46:53 GMT 2017

Call for Papers / Presentations

*/No Way Out: Theatre as a Mediatised Practice/*


*TaPRA Performance & New Technologies Working Group Interim Event*


20^th  April, Birkbeck College, University of London

21^st  April, London South Bank University (LSBU)


*Call deadline: 24 February*

*Confirmed Keynote Speakers*

Prof. Matthew Causey (Trinity College) (20^th April @ Birkbeck College) & Prof. Andy Lavender (Surrey) (21^st April @ LSBU)


*Book Launch & Wine Reception*

Launch of /Intermediality and Spectatorship in the Theatre Work of Robert Lepage: The Solo Shows /(Aristita I. Albacan, 2016). Wine reception and conversation with Professor Christopher Balme (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich) (21^st April, LSBU)


Mediatisation – the increasingly pervasive influence of new media technologies in the form of social institutions and ideological apparatuses on society, culture and consciousness since the late twentieth century – has radically shaped our everyday lives and relationships. Mediatisation as a social and cognitive phenomenon has changed the way theatre and performance are produced, shaped, performed and perceived. This shift has led to a state where there is nothing left outside of mediatisation. Hence, we argue, all contemporary theatre and performance today is mediatised.//

The mediatised theatre and performance of the 21^st century propose a practice, and offer ground for the development of a scholarship, in which ontological boundaries between media and performance, live and mediatised, analogue and digital, are no longer useful or even possible to consider. Mediatisation lies within the aesthetic and political [un]consciousness of the works, whichever form or manifestation those choose to take. It is, directly or implicitly, embedded within their architectures, dynamics, and processes; we might even argue that, in some ways, mediatisation /is/ the works.

This two-day event seeks to investigate the processes and practices of mediatised theatre and performance in the 21^st century with a particular interest in such questions as: How does the mediatised theatre and performance of the 21^st century engage with digital culture and labour as, partly, products of capitalist ideology and economy? Is there potential for resistance (in the wider understanding of the term) within theatre as a mediatised practice? Or, to use Stiegler’s analogy, can theatre and performance approach the digital as a /pharmakon/ in order to engender social ‘remedy’, opening up critical spaces for resistance and dissensus in contemporary neoliberal culture?

We invite submissions for research papers and presentations that explore theatre/performance as a mediatised practice. Submission can respond –but are not limited to – to the following areas of investigation:

-Aesthetics and politics of mediatisation in contemporary performance

-Forms and practices of resistance in contemporary performance

-Postdigital performance

-Alternative modes of writing for mediatised theatre

-Text and immateriality in mediatised theatre and performance

-Emerging critical mediaturgies

-New methodological approaches, and practice-as-research methodologies

-Mediatised performance as a response to ‘postpolitical’ times

-Spectatorship and structures of power in mediatised performance

-Digital (cheap) labour and performance

-Embodiment and materiality in mediatised performance

Submissions can include papers, practice-as-research presentations and/or demonstrations, sharing of work in progress, provocations and other scholarly interventions.

Please send 250 word abstracts along with a short biography (50 words max) to (m.chatzi /at/ <mailto:(m.chatzi /at/> and (s.ilter /at/ <mailto:(s.ilter /at/> by February 24, 2017. Please include full details of any technical and other requirements for presentations with your submission. The exact format and duration of the presentations will be decided as appropriate to the work in agreement with the event conveners.

The Interim Event is Organised and Convened by

Dr Maria Chatzichristodoulou (LSBU) & Dr Seda Ilter (Birkbeck)

The TaPRA Performance and New Technologies WG Conveners are:

Dr Jem Kelly, Dr Christina Papagiannouli, Dr Jo Scott

This TaPRA Interim event is supported by the School of Arts and Creative Industries and the Centre for Research in Digital Storymaking at London South Bank University; the Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre, Birkbeck Centre forTechnology and Publishing; Vasari Research Centre for Art and Technology (Birkbeck College, University of London); Birkbeck Interdisciplinary Research in Media and Culture (BIRMAC), and Department of English and Humanities (Birkbeck College, University of London).

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