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[ecrea] New Issue Journal ICONO14 - Technopoïesis: transmedia mythologisation

Wed Feb 01 23:23:39 GMT 2017

New Issue Journal ICONO14: Technopoïesis: transmedia mythologisation.

Vol.15, Núm 1 (2017)


Editors: Francisco García and Manuel Gertrudix

Coordinators: Asunción López-Varela Azcárate (University Complutense of Madrid) and Henry Sussman (Yale University).

This thematic issue of Icono14 explores the common premise underlying all human disciplines: the confirmation that technology has a direct impact upon sign production, distribution and reception and, thus, upon the entire system of human thought, cultural representation and cognition. The collection examines transmedial representations of technological advance by looking at their mythical shades of meanings as strategic narratives. As practical knowledge engaged in the creation and use of tools and machines as well as in the development of techniques and methods of organization that perform specific functions in making human life easier, the technologies of the past can shed some light on the future that emerging media can bring about for human groups.

Table of contents:


- Technopoïesis: Transmedia Mythologisation and the Unity of Knowedge

Asunción López-Varela Azcárate,           Henry Sussman

- Babel and Jericho: Architectural Myths for Technological and Psychological Catastrophes

       Derrick De Kerckhove

- Technopoieses and the White Buffalo Calf Woman

       Jeffrey Hogrefe

- Aztec mythopoïesis: the myth of Coatlicue, comics, and the “New Mexicanity”

       Luis Alberto Pérez Amezcua

- Transmedial Prometheus: from the Greek Myth to Contemporary Interpretations

       Nicoleta Popa Blanariu

- The Metamorphosis of the Myth of Alchemy: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Asunción López-Varela Azcárate,           Estefanía Saavedra

- The Gait of Hephaistos: Crooked Perceptions into Consilience

       Cheryl De Ciantis

- Technology into myth: Eduardo Paolozzi’s artistic work

       Mercedes Aguirre Castro

- A Twist in the Song: Retracing Myth and Dante´s Poem in Heavy Metal Music

Manuel Botero Camacho, Nuria Picón del Campo

- Narrative Elements that Serve to Generate Convergences and Inteligibilty in Transmedia Narratives or Interactive Linear Narratives

       Jorge Ignacio Mora Fernández

- Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil: Building ludofictional deities in the trashumanist context

Samuel Gil Soldevilla,  Aarón Rodríguez Serrano

- Technopoiesis as Complex Dynamic Knowledge Construction. A Biopoetic explanation of the Creative Convolution of Human, Natural, and Technological Sciences.

       Juani Guerra, Svend Ostergaard


- Mobile Photography and Social Networks: Production and Socialization among University Students

Jacob Bañuelos

Manuel Gertrudix Barrio

Journal ICONO14

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