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[ecrea] Call for new Temporary Working Groups

Mon Jan 30 18:43:55 GMT 2017


The ECREA Temporary Working Groups (TWGs) are fora for discussing topics and disseminating knowledge in sub-fields of media and communication research. TWGs have the same remit as ECREA sections, but TWGs will only be established for a term of 4 years. After the end of the term and upon request of the Chair of the TWG, they can be renewed by the Executive Board for a maximum of 4 more years, or they can be granted the status of a Section.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE PROPOSAL? A proposal needs to have the following elements: 1/ an accompanying letter (2 pages), which explains why a new TWG is desirable. The following issues need to be addressed in this accompanying letter: a/ the significance of the subfield covered by the proposed TWG for the field of communication and media studies; b/ the indicators of the importance of the subfield (the existence of journals, courses, degrees, learned societies etc.); c/ the expertise of the proposed chair and two vice-chairs within the subfield covered by the proposed TWG. 2/ the name of the proposed chair; 3/ the names and agreement of 2 proposed vice-chairs; 4/ an aims and objectives document, describing the formal objectives of the proposed TWG (examples can be found at the ECREA website - --> in the “thematic sections”, “TWGs” and “networks” area); 5/ the modus operandi document, stipulating its internal rules (see also for examples).
Incomplete proposals will be rejected automatically.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS TO BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT? The full list of requirements is available on the ECREA website, in the Bylaws (see here).
This is the summary of requirements:
- a TWG needs to have one chair and two vice-chairs; - the chair and at least one of the two vice chairs need to have a PhD; - all need to be (or willing to become) ECREA members; - regional and gender balance needs to be respected; - they need to agree to organize as TWG, one panel at the ECC (from 2018 onwards) and another event in the years when there is no ECC; - they need to agree to send in a yearly activity report to the ECREA section, TWG and network coordinator; - they must agree to collaborate with other S/TWG/N and the Executive Board; - they need to accept that TWGs are always an inseparable part of ECREA.

WHAT TWGs AND SECTIONS ALREADY EXIST? The overview of the Sections and TWGs can be found on the ECREA website: see Sections and TWGs.
A significant overlap with existing Sections and TWGs needs to be avoided.
WHAT ARE THE RULES TWGs MUST ABIDE BY? An overview of ECREA’s rules on TWGs can be found in the ECREA Bylaws (especially Title IV), accessible online at:

WHAT IS THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS? Proposals for new TWGs need to be sent to the ECREA section, TWG and network coordinator (by email) before 28 April, 2017. WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE FOR APPROVAL? The proposals will be evaluated by the ECREA Bureau and Board, after consultation with the existing ECREA Sections, TWGs and Networks. The approval procedure is expected to last 6 months.

TO WHOM SHOULD THE PROPOSAL BE SENT? Proposals for new TWGs can be sent by e-mail (attachment in .rtf, .doc or .pdf format) to the ECREA Section, TWG and Network coordinator, John Downey, at (sections /at/ Questions related to the call can be sent to John Downey at (sections /at/ and (j.w.downey /at/

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