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[ecrea] cfp - Audiovisual Records and China-Africa relations

Wed Jan 25 19:13:53 GMT 2017

This is an announcement for a conference to be held in China, on the visual representations on China-Africa relations. thank you.

*/Audiovisual Records and China-Africa relations/*

*The Second China-Africa Film and Television Cooperation Forum*

/Call for Papers/

A core challenge for China-Africa relations is learning to project its current self, its past and legacies, towards future scenarios. Yet, how can we envision the future for China-Africa relations, a future that cannot yet be heard, seen or felt? Throughout history, the friendship and cooperation between China and African countries has only grown in depth. It has been an important topic of discussion amongst social, political and academic spheres alike. Audiovisual media has played a central role in these discussions. Every year, numerous audiovisual texts dissecting the multilevel dimensions of China-Africa relations are produced in China, as well other African and western countries. These audiovisual texts view the relation between China and many African countries from different perspectives and provide different views that act as cognitive references to world audiences, reshaping their knowledge of both China and Africa.

Audio-visual media has the potential of inscribing the future in the ongoing dialogues between the present and past of China-Africa relations. In this view, The Center for African Film and Television Research in the Institute of African Studies, Zhejiang Normal University, intends hold *The Second China-Africa Film and Television Cooperation Forum* under the theme of *“Audiovisual Records and China-Africa relations”.* The forum will be held during the last week of April 2017, in the city of Jinhua, East China, in cooperation with the prestigious Chinese Academic Journal /Contemporary Cinema /along with /Star Times/, one of China’s largest media companies in Africa. The forum proceedings will include an *academic conference* as well as *public screenings of selected Africa Related Films.* The winners of the */Spot light Africa /film review essay writing contest *will also be announced during the forum.

The Center for African Film and Television Research was founded in 2015, as part of the prestigious Institute of African Studies ( It is the first research center in China to focus solely on African Film and Television. Its main aim is to become the leading voice in the field, creating awareness and promoting China-Africa relations. The /First China-Africa Film and Television Cooperation Forum /was held in December 2015, under the theme of /“Sino-African Film and Television Exchange”./ This forum was successful is providing a critical review of the past and present status of China-Africa film cooperation. It also provided a platform where over 100 national and international scholars, filmmakers, actors and media professionals came together to conduct in depth discussions on multiple related topics.

For this year’s Forum, we invite media professionals as well as academics concerned with audiovisual representations of China-Africa Relations to attend the forum and share their thoughts and ideas. The academic conference will also be under the theme *“Audiovisual records and China-Africa relations” *and we warmly**invite proposals from scholars, postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines working on topics that include (but not limited to)

-/Audio-Visual representations of China-Africa relations/

-/Chinese Films “going out” policies put into practice/

-/Viewing the relations between Chinese and African films under Transnational contexts/

-/Comparative research between Nollywood and other Transnational Film Industries such as Hollywood and Bollywood. /

-/Colonial cinematic practices and the development of African Cinema/

-/Africa between its visual interpretations and cognitions/

-/The Future of China-Africa film and television cooperation./


Furthermore*, *in order to promote Chinese and African academic research in the field, cross-border exchange and cooperation, and to expand general awareness of China-Africa issues, the center is willing to collaborate with any organization, institute or person aiming to jointly promote China-Africa relations in the area of film and media studies. The center is also welcoming any party that would like to jointly organize a Chinese Film Section during any film festival, as well as any party interested in jointly organizing the upcoming China-Africa Film and Television Cooperation Forum. You are also welcome to submit African films or Africa-related films for screenings during the Forum.

*/Deadlines and important information /*

For those of you who would like to attend, please forward your proposals or participating information no later than the 20^th of February 2017, to the designated email: *(zhongfeiyingshi /at/* <mailto:(zhongfeiyingshi /at/>*. *The organizing committee will send out official invitations to all participating parties before the 15^th of April 2017. For those of you who need invitation letters earlier than the given date for visa applications, please specify your request in your email and we will do our best to provide you with what you need as soon as possible.

*Disclaimer*: All audiovisual materials submitted to the Forum will be published subsequently. All academic papers submitted to the conference will also be published collectively, outstanding papers will be selected for publishing in relevant Journals such as /Contemporary Cinema /and/African Studies./

Contact: Dr. Yong Zhang;  Dr. Hodan Osman Abdi; Miss: Wen Min Pan

    Tel:  +86-18857925236; +86-57982287065

    Email: *(zhongfeiyingshi /at/* <mailto:(zhongfeiyingshi /at/>

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