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[ecrea] A Companion to Steven Spielberg

Mon Jan 23 16:18:38 GMT 2017

With the customary false modesty and apologies for cross posting, I am delighted to announce the publication of */A Companion to Steven Spielberg/*, an original edited collection for Wiley Blackwell/./

According to *Timothy Corrigan* (University of Pennsylvania), this is as an “energetic volume of first-rate essays” in which the work of “one of Hollywood’s most important and successful filmmakers” is “extensively considered from a variety of rich critical angles. Well organized, well written, and consistently illuminating.”

*Table of Contents *

1.Introduction – Nigel Morris

*I. Industry and Agency*

2.Spielberg as Director, Producer, and Movie Mogul – Thomas Schatz

3.Producing the Spielberg “Brand” – James Russell

*II.  Narration and Style*

4.Magisterial Juvenilia: /Amblin/’ and Spielberg’s Early Television Work – Nigel Morris

5.Finding His Voice: Experimentation and Innovation in /Duel/, /The Sugarland Express/, and /1941/ – James Kendrick

6.Creating a Cliffhanger: Narration in /The Lost World: Jurassic Park/ – Warren Buckland

7.Steven Spielberg and the Rhetoric of an Ending – Michael Walker

8.The Spielberg Gesture: Performance and Intensified Continuity – Steven Rybin

*III.**Collaborations and Intertexts*

9.Spielberg-Williams: Symphonic Cinema – Jack

10.Spielberg and Kubrick – Peter Kramer

11.Spielberg and Adaptation – I.Q. Hunter

12.“A very brutal end of innocence”: Notes Towards an Appreciation of Spielberg’s Film of /Empire of the Sun/ – Neil Sinyard

*IV.**Themes and Variations*

13.“Who am I, David?”: Motherhood in Spielberg’s Dramas of Family Dysfunction – Linda Ruth Williams

14.Close Encounters of the Paternal Kind: Spielberg’s Fatherhoods– Murray Pomerance

15.Spielberg and Rockwell: Realism and the Liberal Imagination– Frederick Wasser

16.Too Brave for Foolish Pride: Violence in the Films of Steven Spielberg – Stephen Prince

*V.**Spielberg, History and Identity*

17.Morality Tales? Visions of the Past in Spielberg’s History Plays – Sarah Barrow

18.“Britain’s Secret Schindler”: the impact of /Schindler’s List /on British media perceptions of civilian heroes– Erin Bell

19.The (M)orality of Murder: Jews, Food, and Steven Spielberg’s /Munich/ – Nathan Abrams and Gerwyn Owen

20.You Must Remember This: History as Film/Film as History – Lester D. Friedman

21.Violence and Memory in Spielberg's /Lincoln///– Robert Burgoyne and John Trafton

*VI.**Spielberg in the Digital Age*

22.The Spielberg Effects – Dan North

23.Spielberg and Videogames (1982-2010) – Grethe Mitchell


24.Sharks, Aliens and Nazis: the Crisis of Film Criticism and the Rise of Steven Spielberg – Raymond J. Haberski, Jr

25.Spielberg, Fandom and the Popular Appeal of his Blockbuster Movies – Lincoln Geraghty

26.Spielberg and the Rise of the Celebrity Film Director – Kirsty Fairclough and Andy Willis

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