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[ecrea] Participations: 16 articles from The World Hobbit Project

Mon Jan 23 16:16:59 GMT 2017

16 articles from The World Hobbit Project

The worldwide survey of the experiences of The Hobbit trilogy has enabled the participating researchers from 46 countries to explore the reception of these international blockbusters from a variety of perspectives to do with global audiences, national readings, language cultures, gender, age, etc.

The first findings from the project are now reported in a special section of Participations. Journal of Audience and Reception Studies.

Below please find the table of contents with the 16 articles.

You'll find the complete articles on

Participations vol. 13 (2), November 2016
Themed Section 1: The World Hobbit Project

Barker, Martin & Ernest Mathijs:
'Introduction to the Project'

Baltruschat, Doris, Jennifer Grek Martin & Ernest Mathijs:
'The reception of The Hobbit in Canada: does fantasy need technology?'
Barker, Martin:
'An investigation of the role of affiliations to "authors" in audience responses to The Hobbit films'

Hasebrink, Uwe & Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink:
'Linking fantasy to everyday life: Patterns of orientation and connections to reality in the case of The Hobbit'

Hipfl, Brigitte & Jasmin Kulterer:
'Greed, war, hope, love and friendship: Contemporary structures of feeling and the audience's readings of broader themes in The Hobbit'

Hirsjärvi, Irma, Urpo Kovala, Maria Ruotsalainen:
'Patterns of reception in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden: Differences and convergences'
Ilan, Jonathan & Amit Kama:
'Where has all the magic gone?: Audience interpretive strategies of The Hobbit's film-novel rivalry'

Jacks, Nilda, Valquiria Michela John, Daniela Schmitz, Dulce Mazer, Henrique Denis Lucas, Laura Seligman, Maria Clara Monteiro, Paula Coruja & Sarah Moralejo da Costa:
'Reception of The Hobbit trilogy: Brazilian data'

Jerslev, Anne, Christian Kobbernagel & Kim Schrøder:
'The importance of sampling: Building complementary insights about reception experiences of The Hobbit film trilogy with different survey sampling strategies'
Koistinen, Aino-Kaisa, Maria Ruotsalainen & Tanja Välisalo:
'The World Hobbit Project in Finland: Audience responses and transmedial user practices'

Korpua, Jyrki:
'Finnish audience responses to myth and mythology in The Hobbit: Connections between J R R Tolkien's fiction and Peter Jackson's The Hobbit film series'

Midkiff, Emily:
'Growing out of it: The Hobbit films and young people'

Mikhaylova, Larisa, Elena Pronina, Marina Knyazeva & Irina Novitskaya:
'Search for moral support, or escape from reality? Media psychological analysis of the Russian segment in the World Hobbit Project Database'

Schmeink, Lars:
'How Bilbo lost his innocence: Media audiences and the evaluation of The Hobbit as a "Children's Film"'
Trobia, Alberto:
'Selecting significant respondents from large audience datasets: The case of the World Hobbit Project'
Trültzsch-Wijnen, Sascha & Vanda de Sousa:
'Watching The Hobbit in two European countries: The views of younger audiences and readers in Austria and Portugal'

Veenstra, Aleit, Annemarie Kersten, Tonny Krijnen, Daniël Biltereyst & Philippe Meers: 'Understanding The Hobbit: the cross-national and cross-linguistic reception of a global media product in Belgium, France and the Netherlands'

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