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[ecrea] New book: Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research

Fri Jan 20 17:22:08 GMT 2017

We are very pleased to announce the publication of /Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research/ (Palgrave Macmillan 2016). The book engages with the need to rethink established methods to research acute changes in the media environment. The book gathers chapters dedicated to the multifacetedness and liveliness of emerging methods while embedding them in the rich history of interdisciplinary empirical research. Innovation here is a call for widening and rethinking research methods to stimulate a sophisticated debate on and exploration of contemporary methodological approaches for scholars at various levels of academic life.

Accompanied by introductory sections of prominent scholars (Saskia Sassen, Noortje Marres, Sarah Pink and Lev Manovich), the majority of empirical studies gathered in this volume are accomplished through early-career scholars who strive to advance cutting-edge and in parts even provocative approaches for the study of media and communication. We truly hope that the book will a valuable resource for doing research as well as for assisting teaching by providing a methods book that draws together a diverse and eclectic range of material that is presented in accessible and stimulating form.

Endorsed by Jean Burgess, Jack Qiu and Helen Kennedy, /Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research/ is available as softcover and eBook at or (and all online/offline bookstores).

Best wishes - Sebastian and Anne

P.S. This is what the table of contents looks like

Foreword by Nick Couldry

1 Sebastian Kubitschko and Anne Kaun: An introduction to innovative methods in media and communication research

*Part I: Materiality* (introduced by Saskia Sassen)

2 Jess Baines: /Engaging (past) participants: the case of <>/

3 Erin Despard: /A materialist media ecological approach to studying urban media in/of place/

4 Segah Sak: /Socio-Spatial approaches for media and communication research/

*Part II: Technology* (introduced by Noortje Marres/)/

  5 Taina Bucher: /Neither black nor box: Ways of knowing algorithms/

6 Pablo R. Velasco: /Sketching Bitcoin: Empirical research of digital affordances/

7 Richard Huskey: /Beyond blobology: Using psychophysiological interaction analyses to investigate the neural basis of human communication phenomena/

8 Alberto Frigo: /As we should think? Lifelogging as a re-emerging method/

*Part III: Experience* (introduced by Sarah Pink)

9 Emily LaDue: /Visual ethnography and the city: //On the dead ends of reflexivity and gentrification/

10 Paola Sartoretto: /Exploring inclusive ethnography as a methodology to account for multiple experiences/

11 Neha Kumar: /Interviewing against odds/

*Part IV: Visualization* (introduced by Lev Manovich)

12 Jonathan Gray, Liliana Bounegru, Stefania Milan and Paolo Ciuccarelli: /Ways of seeing data: Towards a critical literacy for data visualizations as research objects and research devices/

13 Luca Simeone and Paolo Patelli: /Urban Sensing: potential and limitations of social network analysis and data visualization as research methods in urban studies/

14 Nicolas Baya-Laffite and Jean-Philippe Cointet: Mapping topics in international climate negotiations: a computer-assisted semantic network approach

15 Katharina Lobinger: /‘Creative’ and participatory visual approaches in audience research/

Sebastian Kubitschko and Anne Kaun: Innovative methods in media and communication research: An outlook

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