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[ecrea] Teaching Media Quarterly CFLR - Media Industries

Wed Jan 18 12:41:59 GMT 2017

Teaching Media Quarterly Call for Lesson Plans: “Critical Lessons on Media Industries”

Submission deadline: February 20, 2017

Helping students think critically about media industries is crucial for developing their media literacy skills and preparing them to understand the way in which ownership structures, regulatory policies, and profoundly unequal relations of economic power shape our media environment. From the early 20th century, when a handful of firms controlled the US movie industry, to the large-scale conglomeration and consolidation of media firms that followed the 1996 Telecommunications Act, to contemporary struggles over net neutrality and media convergence, to the liberalization of broadcast markets around the world, developments in media industry have had an extraordinary impact on content, access, labor, resource use, and more.

Much has been written on media industries. Contemporary scholars such as Robert McChesney, Susan Crawford, Eileen Meehan, Janet Wasko, Vincent Mosco, for example, have written extensively on the political economy of media. The proliferation of fake news during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, has once again raised questions about how to regulate in a radically deregulated media environment. Moreover, with new concerns about the fate of net neutrality under a new U.S. presidential administration, it remains as important as ever that media educators develop and share effective strategies for approaching the subject of media industries with undergraduates.

This issue of Teaching Media Quarterly seeks lesson plans that critically engage the structures, theories, and histories of media industry. We are particularly interested in lessons that bring political economy, critical theory, and/or the history of capitalism to bear on the teaching of media industries. We welcome activities that engage students in understanding, researching, writing about, and making media. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

Media industries in convergence media culture
Media industries and globalization
Financialization and media industries
Ownership and entertainment and/or news content
Media ownership and social media
The media-military-entertainment nexus
Democracy, capitalism, and media conglomerates
Histories of media conglomeration and consolidation
Ethnographic approaches to media industries
Media consolidation and advertisers
Distribution patterns
Above-the-line and below-the-line labor
Approaches towards a free press and independent media
Ratings, big data, data mining, and surveillance

Teaching Media Quarterly Submission Guidelines

All submissions must include: 1) a title, 2) an overview (word limit: 500 words) 3) comprehensive rationale (using accessible language explain the purpose of the assignment(s), define key terms, and situate in relevant literature) (word limit: 500), 4) a general timeline, 5) a detailed lesson plan and assignment instructions, 6) teaching materials (handouts, rubrics, discussion prompts, viewing guides, etc.), 7) a full bibliography of readings, links, and/or media examples, and 8) a short biography (100-150 words). All citations must be in Chicago Author-Date style.

Please email all submissions using the TMQ Submission Template (.docx) in ONE Microsoft Word document to ( /at/ <mailto:( /at/>.

Review Policy
Submissions will be reviewed by each member of the editorial board. Editors will make acceptance decisions based on their vision for the issue and an assessment of contributions. It is the goal of Teaching Media Quarterly to notify submitters of the editors’ decisions within two weeks of submission receipt.Teaching Media Quarterly is dedicated to circulating practical and timely approaches to media concepts and topics from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives. Our goal is to promote collaborative exchange of undergraduate teaching resources between media educators at higher education institutions. As we hope for continuing discussions and exchange as well as contributions to Teaching Media Quarterly we encourage you to visit our website at

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