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[ecrea] Call for Papers for the 2017 EUPRERA conference

Sun Jan 15 17:11:47 GMT 2017

Call for Papers for the 2017 EUPRERA conference

12 – 14 October 2017, London

Hosted by the University of the Arts, the conference welcomes submissions on its theme of Public Relations and the Power of Creativity: Strategic opportunities, innovation and critical challenges. Deadline for abstracts and panel proposals is February 24, 2017. (Visit <> for full submission details and conference information.)

Creativity is the development and use of imagination to solve current challenges or create innovative ideas for the future. The complexity and challenges of the contemporary world arguably require increasing levels of creativity and innovation to manage the disruptive forces at work and build a prosperous and sustainable global society.

Public relations, however, is often seen as the discipline that amplifies creative ideas developed by other sectors. This is changing. With the blurring of lines among creative industries, organizations are increasingly turning to PR to generate the ‘big ideas’ at the heart of effective communication. Moreover, as technology and software start-ups reorient economic models around the ‘sharing economy’, working patterns and organizational–public relationships are being reengineered. Communication is central to the effective management of this new economy.

The world in the 21st Century, then, should have public relations at its heart at both strategic and tactical levels. PR should be about finding and developing authentic stories with vibrancy and emotion; using visual, spatial and multi-media opportunities to communicate; all while remaining agile enough to engage with stakeholders, tell corporate or brand stories and respond immediately to emerging threats or opportunities.

Original research is requested on one or more of the listed tracks.

Track 1 – Creative Strategies:  Opportunities for PR

Track 2 – Media Innovations:  PR’s Visual and Spatial Dimensions

Track 3 - ‘Creative with the Truth’:
Critical and Cultural Perspectives

Track 4 – Media Convergence, Boundary-Drawing and World-Making

Track 5 – Embedding Creativity in PR Teaching and Curriculum

Track 6 – Current Research in PR and Strategic Communication (Open Track)

In the spirit of the conference theme, in addition to research papers, contributions are also encouraged that make use of creative or innovative formats. These could include, but are not limited to, research artefacts, film or multi-media platforms.

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