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[ecrea] Disrupting the Humanities: Towards Posthumanities - special issue of JEP

Tue Jan 10 22:11:40 GMT 2017

We are pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of the Journal of Electronic Publishing: "Disrupting the Humanities: Towards Posthumanities", edited by Janneke Adema and Gary Hall.

The issue contains video-articles by Johanna Drucker, Mark Amerika, Erin Manning, Monika Bakke, Endre Dányi, Lesley Gourlay, Silvio Lorusso, Niamh Moore, Karen Newman, SØren Pold, Craig Saper, Sarah Kember, and Iris van der Tuin.

It is available for free, open access, CC-BY, here:


1  Maria Bonn, A Note From JEP

2 Janneke Adema and Gary Hall, Posthumanities: The Dark Side of “The Dark Side of the Digital”

Adema and Hall have written a 10,000 word opening essay, discussing the conceptual premises that underly this special issue. Engaging with various discourses around the digital humanities, the essay outlines the experimental mode in which the videos included in the issue have been edited - as well as pointing to the idea of posthuman posthumanities.

PART ONE – Creating Posthumanities: Disrupting Humanities Methodologies
3 Monika Bakke, Deep Time Environments: Art And The Materiality Of Life Beyond The Human 4 Lesley Gourlay, Posthuman Texts: Nonhuman Actors, Mediators and Technologies of Inscription
5   Niamh Moore, “Humanist” Methods in a “More-than-Human” World
6 Iris van der Tuin, Reading Diffractive Reading: Where and When Does Diffraction Happen?

PART TWO – Performing Posthumanities: Disrupting Humanities Aesthetics
7   Erin Manning, 10 Propositions for Research-Creation
8   SØren Pold, Ink After Print: Literary Interface Criticism
9   Johanna Drucker, Diagrammatic Form and Performative Materiality
10 Silvio Lorusso, The Post-Digital Publishing Archive: An Inventory of Speculative Strategies

PART THREE – Circulating Posthumanities: Disrupting Humanities Institution
11 Sarah Kember, At Risk? The Humanities and the Future of Academic Publishing 12 Endre Dányi, Samizdat Lessons: Three Dimensions of the Politics of Self-Publishing
13  Craig Saper, Disrupting Scholarship
14  Mark Amerika, Glitch Ontology (A Video Performance)
15 Karen Newman, The West Midlands as an ‘Electronic Super Highway’: BOM and the Emergence of New Art Infrastructures

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