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[ecrea] International Summer School - Creative Industries and Media Management Course: CREIMA

Tue Mar 21 16:43:53 GMT 2017

International Summer School

Creative Industries and Media Management Course: CREIMA

3rd to 6th July 2017
CIC.Digital Building / Law Faculty of Porto University / Vairão Campus of the Sciences Faculty of Porto University

This summer school is an Initiative from CIC.Digital, University of Porto and IMMAA – International Media Management Academic Association, to stimulate the transfer of knowledge and experience between professors, professionals and graduate students from several fields related to Creative and Media Studies. It’s a unique opportunities for students to present and develop their projects in an environment that explores both academic and industry scopes, celebrating creation and innovation. Its international dimension, with prominent teachers from several geographies, will foster networking and debate, and disclose the most actual research and development across the world.

Executive organizers:

IMMAA -- International Media Management Academic Association
CIC.Digital - Centre for Research in Communication, Information and Digital Culture

Application and admission:

Applicants should hold a Masters degree (or have completed the course part and being working on the dissertation) or equivalent and be PhD students or candidates working on one of the fields below.

Entrepreneurs in the creative and media field can also present their business/startup projects to promote cooperation, transfer and share of knowledge and research between the industry and the academy.

Areas: Creative Industries, Digital Media, Multimedia, Journalism, Video, Music, Design, Photography, Web and Mobile development, Film Studies, Communication Sciences, Print Media, Advertisement, Intellectual Property, Performing Arts, Cultural Industries &Tourism and other cultural and research business topics.

Subjects: Creation, Production, Innovation, Research, Entrepreneurship, Management, Economics, Marketing, Communication, Business Models, Internationalization, Public Policies, Local and Regional Development

Submission: For applications, please submit your C.V. and statement of purpose to (creima.course /at/ <mailto:(creima.course /at/><mailto:(creima.course /at/ <mailto:(creima.course /at/>> and (faustino.paulo /at/ <mailto:(faustino.paulo /at/> <mailto:(faustino.paulo /at/ <mailto:(faustino.paulo /at/>>

Deadline: 31 March 2017

Course Fees:

Early bird: 350 euros  (until February 28)
Normal fee: 450 euros

The regular fee includes the field trip to CEIIA, transportation between Porto and Vairão Campus, coffee breaks, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners; learning materials, 1 book and 3 ebooks (offered by Media XXI: <>< <>>), access to videos from IMMAA's conferences, 50% discount in Media XXI's books for 1 year, the field trip to CEIIA, transportation between Porto and Vairão Campus, coffee breaks, 4 lunches, and 2 dinners (4th and 6th July).

For applications until the end of February, the organization can guarantee the stay in a 4 star Hotel, for 60 euros per night. Optional dinners: 60 euros. We will organize dinners at downtown restaurants with Douro River View, including social activities and night life/bars tour, to better meet your colleagues on 3rd and 5th July.

Optional dinners: 60 euros. We will organize dinners at downtown restaurants with view for the Douro River, including social activities and night-life/bars tour to better meet your colleagues on 3rd and 5th July.

Optional walk and boat tour and Port wine tasting: 60 euros (includes walk tour from downtown to Ribeira, 1 hour boat trip on Douro river, Port wine tasting at Ribeira, 1 trip by cable car and walk tour from the Cellars to the dinner restaurant).

Additional experiences fees: Trip to Douro Valley 8 July: 90 euros (including lunch and wine tasting) at a wine farm.

Optional Accommodation Fees:

Accommodation in 4* hotel: 5 nights: 625 euros / 6 nights: 750 euros
Accommodation in 3* hotel: 5 nights: 438 euros / 6 nights: 525 euros

We only accept reservations for accommodation until 31 March 2017.
More information about the hotels is available in the last pages of this programme.


00351 965865756 <tel:00351%20965865756>(faustino.paulo /at/ <mailto:(faustino.paulo /at/> <mailto:(faustino.paulo /at/ <mailto:(faustino.paulo /at/>> -- Paulo Faustino

IMMAA Scientific Board:

Paulo Faustino/Porto University
Elena Vartanova/Losomonov State Moscow U.
Eli Noam/Columbia University
Mónica Herrero/Navarra University
John Lavine / Northwestern University
Chris Scholz / Saarlandes University


Ruth Towse/ Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management
Terry Flew/Queensland Technology University
Paulo Faustino/Porto University
Eli Noam/Columbia University
Steve Wildman/ Michigan State University
Mónica Herrero/Navarra University
Chris Scholz / Saarlandes University
Francisco Paniagua//Malaga University
Francisco Campos / U. de Santiago de Compostela
Francisco Belda/ São Paulo State University
Armando Malheiro/Porto University
Francisco Rui Cádima / Nova University of Lisbon
António Machuco/Porto University
Manuela Pinto/Porto University
Fernanda Ribeiro / Porto University

Industry experts:

João Palmeiro/ President of the European Google Fund for Media Innovation
Vítor Ribeiro / CEO of Global Media Group

3rd July 2017

9:30 -- 10:00 -- Opening Session
Fernanda Ribeiro, Dean of the Arts and Humanities Faculty of Porto University; Armando Malheiro, director of CIC.Digital (Porto branch); Paulo Faustino, President of International Media Management and Academic Association and CIC.Digital Research Centre.

10:00 -- 10:15 -- Course Concept and General Introduction. Paulo Faustino, President of International Media Management and Academic Association and CIC.Digital Research Centre.

10:15 -- 10:45 -- Creative and Media Industry expert session: Media, Innovation, Creative Industries and Digital Business Models. João Palmeiro/ President of the European Google Fund for Media Innovation

10:45 -- 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 -- 12: Lecture: Digitization in the Creative Economy: social and economic developments and policy I. Ruth Towse / Co-Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management

12:30 -- 13:45 Lunch

13:45 -- 15:45 Presentation and discussion of projects/theses

Session in Portuguese and Spanish coordinated by Armando Malheiro/Porto; and Francisco Campos / Santiago de Compostela University

Session in English coordinated by Ruth Towse / Co-Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management and Paulo Faustino / Porto university

15:45 -- 16:00 Coffee Break

16:00 -- 18:00 Field Trip to the Jornal de Notícias Newspaper. Guest speaker: Media Industry in Practice: Management and Business Model Challenges. Vitor Ribeiro, CEO of Global Media Group

19:30 -- 21:30 -- Dinner at a Downtown restaurant (optional)

4rd July 2017

09:30 -- 10:15 Departure to Vairão Campus from Hotel Inca

10:15 -- 10:45 Reception and Breakfast.

10:45 -- 12:15 Lecture: Trends and Strategies in Digital Media and Creative Projects and Production. Monica Herrero/ Navarra University

12:15 -- 13:30 -- Lunch break

13:30 -- 15:00 -- Lecture: Strategic Management and Human Resources in Media and Creative Industries. Chris Scholz/ Saarland University

15:00 -- 16:30 - Presentation and discussion of projects and theses.

Session in Portuguese and Spanish coordinated by António Machuco/ Porto University, and Francisco Paniagua/Malaga University

Session in English coordinated by Chris Scholz/ Saarland University and Monica Herrero/ Navarra University

16:30 -- 19:00 -- Social meeting by the pool at Vairão Campus

19:30 -- 21:30 -- Dinner at the seafront, at Salitre restaurant in Vila Chã

5th July 2017

09:30 -- 11:00 Lecture: Media, Creative and Tourism Industries Research Connections. Paulo Faustino / IMMAA's president and coordinator of the ITRACOTUR Project

11:00  -- 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15 - 12:45 Lecture: Internationalization and Financing of Creative and Media Companies. Eli Noam/ Columbia University

12:45 -- 13:45 - Lunch break

13:45 -- 15:15 Lecture: Lecture: Digitization in the Creative Economy: social and economic developments and policy II. Ruth Towse / Co-Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management

15:15 -- 15:45 Lecture: Research Methods and Trends in Media and Creative Industries. Terry Flew/ Queensland Technology University
15:45 -- 16:00 -- Coffee break

16:00 -- 18:30 -- Field Visit to CEIIA - Centre of Engineering and Product Development.
Session: Creative Industries and Smart Cities.

19:30 -- 21:30 -- Dinner at a downtown restaurant (optional)

6th July 2017

09:30 -- 12:30 - Presentation and discussion of projects and theses.

Session in Portuguese and Spanish coordinated by Manuela Pinto/Porto University; Francisco Rui Cádima / Nova University of Lisbon, and Francisco Belda / São Paulo State University

Session in English coordinated by Eli Noam/ Columbia University
   and Terry Flew/ Queensland Technology University

12:30 -- 13:30 -- Lunch break
13:30 -- 15:00 -- Field Trip to Livraria Lello.
Lecture: How Lello Bookstore became a World Creative Tourism Product and Harry Potter's Inspiration. Speaker: TBD
Closing and course conclusions by Eli Noam and Terry Flew
15:00 -- 19:30 -- Optional walk and boat tour + Port wine tasting
15:00 -- Meeting at Livraria Lello, and walk tour down through Clérigos Tower, Miradouro da Vitória, Rua das Flores, Mercado Ferreira Borges, Praça do Cubo
16:00 -- Port wine tasting at the Port Wine Institute
17:30 -- Boat tour
18:30 -- Walk tour back to downtown: Funicular to Batalha, Majestic, São Bento, Praça da Liberdade, Rectory
19:30 -- 21:30 -- Dinner TBA

More information about the programme

About Porto

Porto was recently considered the best European destination in 2014. It's a Portuguese city located in Northwest Portugal. The metropolitan area is constituted by 17 adjacent municipalities, which form together a single urban area, with about 1,682,492 inhabitants, making it the largest city in Northwestern peninsular area. It's a city known worldwide for its wine, the bridges and ancient and contemporary architecture. Its historic center was considered World Heritage by UNESCO, for its gastronomy and its main public university, the University of Porto, placed among the top 350 universities in the world and among the 100 best universities in Europe. The region is also served by two major infrastructures: the Port of Leixões, representing 25% of the Portuguese international trade and handling about 14 million tons of goods per year, and the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, which is the best airport in Portugal in terms of terminal space and has been awarded as the world's best in the category of airports up to 5 million passengers.

A city of Art and Architecture, famous for the Serralves Museum (and its new Miró collection), designed by Pritzker-winner Siza Vieira, and for the groundbreaking Casa da Música (House of Music). Porto is a reflection of the Portuguese spirit of conquer that lead the country to the Discoveries, home of many illustrious figures: Souto Moura (another Pritzker-winner from Porto), J. K. Rowling, Manuel de Oliveira, Guilhermina Suggia, Prince Henry the Navigator and many others. Today, Porto is one of the main motors of Portugal's creative, scientific and economical drive, contributing to show the country's global perspective, cultural importance, tolerance spirit, and position in the world.

Arriving to Porto

By plane
The Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, was considered, in 2010, by the Airports Council International (ACI), the second best airport in Europe in the traffic category and, in 2007, it was considered the best European airport up to 5 million passengers. This airport is very convenient due to: the existence of flights to all European capitals, including low-cost (internal flights to Lisbon can cost between 10 to 50 euros), and easy access to the center of the city, through metro, with brief waiting time, good passing frequency, and low cost -- the trip costs about 2.00€. A taxi ride to the centre costs around 20 euros.

By train
The city has two train stations. Campanhã is the one where most trains, including from Lisbon, stop. It's connected to the city center by metro and by train to São Bento station, which is worth a visit. Fast trains to Lisbon take between 2h30 and 3h and they stop in cities such as Aveiro and Coimbra, and close to beaches. There are international connections to Galicia and Madrid.

IMMAA <> < <>>

IMMAA (International Media Management Academic Association) is a consortium of 30 academic researchers, international professors, attendees and affiliates, and academic institutions all connected around the subject of Media Management. The main goal of IMMAA network is developing an international research on Media Management, towards students and professionals placed in this field of interest, moreover to organize conferences, workshops and to divulge scientific publications on the subject.

Porto University

Institution of public higher education, founded on 1911. It is the second largest Portuguese university and it is responsible for over 20% of scientific articles in Portugal. It has 14 faculties, located on 3 poles. UP is also known internationally for producing scientific research. Laboratories subscribe more than a fifth of the Portuguese scientific articles. In September 2014, the QS World University Rankings ranked the university as 293th best in the world, and as the best in Portugal. We share the language and cultural strings with countries such as Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique. UP receive more and more students and researchers not only from these countries, also from Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. Porto is very close to Galicia, maintaining a cooperation at several levels, region that has one of the oldest universities of the word -- Santiago de Compostela, which is also partner of this summer school.

The Faculty of Arts <>

FLUP, with more than 3000 students, offers courses in 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles in the areas of Human and Social Sciences.

Among several research centers, we highlight CIC.DIGITAL, which has a research line in media innovation and management and INESC, a lab for the Technology and Sciences.

FLUP has Masters in Communication, Information, and Creative Industries, and PhD programmes, such as in Digital Media with the Faculty of Engineering and the University of Texas. It has been organizing training initiatives for media companies at national level and for the region of Porto/north of Portugal.

FLUP participates in a wide range of international programmes, such as Erasmus, Lingua, Comenius, Culture, Tempus, Interreg, Jean Monnet, Alfa, Leonardo da Vinci, and the 7th Framework.


Porto has highly invested in the creation of a strong creative cluster, with a great impact in the economy of the region and the country. UP has been developing a Science and Technology Park -- UPTEC -- which integrates a Creative Industries Center. UPTEC PINC is the attraction and meeting space for people who look to experience, explore and develop their creativity in entrepreneurial ways.

The Creative Industries Center of UPTEC (UPTEC PINC) has received more than a hundred creative based business projects, in a field of design, communication, architecture, audiovisual, music, visual arts, performing arts and publishing.


The CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN COMMUNICATION, INFORMATION AND DIGITAL CULTURE (CIC*DIGITAL) is an inter-university and multi-located research unit devoted to research in Communication and Information Sciences.

It brings together four previous R&D units accredited by the Foundation for Science and Technology and it is organized into four poles hosted in four of the most prestigious Portuguese universities: Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Nova University of Lisbon; Faculty of Arts, University of Porto; Aveiro University; Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies.

The CIC.Digital corresponds to a specific and fundamental redesign of communication sciences, requiring the gathering of knowledge and synergies between the communication sciences and the sciences and technologies of information and communication, which became their infrastructure and one of the meta-languages or the prevailing conditions of knowledge.

Field trip to Jornal de Notícias <> < <>>

Jornal de Notícias (JN) (meaning Journal News in English) is a Portuguese daily national newspaper, one of the oldest in Portugal. JN was founded in Porto and was first published on 21 June 1888. Its headquarters are in downtown Porto, close to the venue of the summer school.

Field Trip to Vairão Campus

Located in Vila do Conde, a city close to Porto (30 minutes by car), this campus of the Sciences Faculty of Porto University hosts the Agrarian Campus. Besides long fields and laboratories, it also counts with a swimming pool.

Dinner at the seafront

After a day in Vairão Campus students will have dinner at a seafront restaurant in piscatorial Vila Chã.

The outstanding Salitre restaurant is specialized in fish and seafood that one can enjoy while looking at the beach.

Field trip to CEIIA

CEIIA -- Centre for Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry, is a private entity that associates the main Portuguese Associations, Technical Universities, R&D Centres, Public Agencies and Suppliers from the automotive and aeronautical industry. Engineering activities at CEIIA cover both automotive (specially electric mobility) and aeronautical engineering with integrated product and process development for the mobility industries, with full capabilities for product development including styling, design and engineering, prototyping and test.

The automotive and mobility area at CEIIA has its main objective on the conception and development of an integrated pack of projects focused on industrialization and marketing of new mobility products and services. This set of projects comprehends the development of infrastructure, charging equipment for two and four wheeled vehicles and new vehicle solutions, conceived to integrate the MOBI.E model concepts, allowing for an integration of several services and the interaction with the electric grid, the urban transportation system and the city information network.Recently CEIIA was moved to new facilities in an impressive building close to the sea.

Field trip to Lello Bookstore <>

One of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, famous for inspiring Harry Potter's Hogwarts. Open since 1906, Livraria Lello has housed men of arts and letters, has been the inspiration for acclaimed authors, a place for social gatherings, performances and a serene library for many of Invicta's avid readers. Today it receives thousands of visitors from around the world, who everyday enter our doors to visit this neo-Gothic gem from the beginning of the twentieth century.

Walk and boat tour

During the walk tour, to and from the boat tour, students will see the following attractions:

Clérigos Tower -- the most iconic building of the city, a 250 years old Baroque bell tower built by Nicolau Nasoni in granite and marble.

Vitória's viewpoint -- a privileged view over the riverfront, the cathedral, the Douro river and the Port wine cellars in Gaia.

Rua das Flores -- a recently renovated old street, full of coffeshops, restaurants, old façadjoes and museums to visit.

Ferreira Borges Market -- a pearl of the industrial architecture now hosts the musical and cultural venue Hard Club.

Cubo Square -- the main square at the riverfront, once an important stop for the boats, now is full of terraces to appreciate the view.

Boat trip -- a one-hour boat trip to discover all the six bridges over the Douro in Porto and Gaia.

Funicular to Batalha -- Going up from the Riverfront to Downtown can be exhausting so it's a good opportunity to take the funicular and meet the Batalha area, also full of monuments.

Café Majestic -- one of the oldest cafés in Porto, its name says it all.

São Bento train station -- Besides its remarkable architecture it's worth a visit inside to admire the traditional tiled panels that cover the walls of the vestibule.

Praça da Liberdade -- the most central square of Porto, from there you can admire the Allies avenue crowned by the city hall.

Port wine tasting

During the walk and boat tour, the participants will make a stop to taste the beverage that got the city's name. Port is a famous fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley. It is typically a sweet, red wine, often served as a dessert wine, though it also comes in dry, semi-dry, and white varieties.
The tasting will be held at the Port Wine Institute.

Sunday, 9 July 2017
Optional Social Programme

Douro Valley -- Wine and Heritage

The route we invite you to join is an unforgettable experience in the Douro Region and its Vineyards, World Heritage of UNESCO, with the degustation of regional flavours in a rustic environment, authentic and breath taking. The landscape across this journey takes us to an indelible sensation of flying over the Douro river, enjoying an unique experience as the vineyards in descending terraces seem to embrace the golden waters.

The voyage continues in a path alongside the Douro that will allow us to see more interior villages, where the natural beauty still persists in a multicolour palette of the vineyards, oaks and olive trees. It will be possible to witness the greatness and depth of the river valley, at an elevated point, where the landscape that opens in front of our eyes must be experienced and not described.

Important notes:
  > If needed, arrival to Porto at 19:00 can be arranged, please contact us
  > Please let us know about your dietary limitations

São Bento station -- 09:00 (train trip)
*Light Snack -- 10:30
*Arrival to Pinhão station -- 11:45
*Bus trip through the Douro Region
oMiradouro de Casal de Loivos
oVilarinho de Cotas
Arrival to Sertã farm -- 13:00
Almoço -- 13:00
*Regional Lunch
oVeal barbecue with baked potatoes and vegetables
oFavaios bread
oRed Wine
oDesert (Fruit / Pudding / Almond Tart)
*Drink tasting
oPort Wine
oMuscatel Wine
oPomace -- made in the farm
Tour of the Sertã farm -- 14:30
*Olive grove
Light Snack -- 16:15
oSausages of the region (served warm)
oOther delicacies
oFavaios Bread
oRed wine tasting
oOlive oil tasting
Return -- 16:45
*Bus Trip to Porto
oVila Real
oAmarante (45 min. stop) -- 18:45
Arrival to Porto -- 20:00 (Location to be defined)

More information about the official accommodation

Both hotels suggested are located downtown, close to the main venue of the Summer School and also perfect to visit most of the city's attractions.
Breakfast is included in the reservation.
All field trips will depart from Hotel Inca at the time stated in the programme.


Hotel Inca is located at Praça Coronel Pacheco, 2 minutes walking from CIC.Digital Building and the Law Faculty.


Hotel Malaposta is located at Rua da Conceição, 4 minutes walking from CIC.Digital Building and the Law Faculty.

Welcome to Porto and Portugal -- one of the most fascinating destinations of the world

On International media: <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Discovering Porto: <> Discovering Douro: <> Discovering Portugal: <>

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