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[ecrea] Social Science Faculty Positions in Centre for IT & Society at IIIT-Delhi

Tue Mar 14 22:15:16 GMT 2017

*_Social Science Faculty Positions in Centre for IT & Society at IIIT-Delhi_*

*_About IIIT-Delhi_*

IIIT-Delhi (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, <>) is an Autonomous Institute created by Govt. of Delhi with a mission to become a world-class R&D led Institution in IT and interdisciplinary areas. It offers one of the most vibrant and exciting academic environments in India and is an ideal place for a young researcher who wishes to work in India in these exciting times. With strong research groups and associated centers in areas like Security, Biometrics, Mobile Computing, Data Management, AI, Computational Biology, the Institute is seeking to expand into areas such as IT and Society as well.

*_Centre for IT and Society_*

There is an emerging need for focused and rigorous research on evaluating the impact that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have on the society, while at the same time evaluating the societal influence in shaping ICTs. This requires multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary perspectives that can analyze and interpret these changes within their social, political and global contexts.

The Centre for IT and Society at IIIT-Delhi seeks to tackle this by bringing together competent researchers in the areas of anthropology, sociology, media studies, economics, policy, psychology and other similar fields and create research opportunities for both partnership and engagement with the Computer Science and Design researchers at the institute. By deconstructing the complex web of information technologies and its impact on the civic as well as the everyday lives of people, the centre also aspires to provide policymakers, technocrats, not for profit organizations, multinational corporations, entrepreneurs, the general public and other such stakeholders a clearer sense of the levers that connect various social dimensions with how IT and related services evolve in the South Asian and the global context. The Centre is also instrumental in designing a cutting edge B. Tech programme in IT and Social Sciences.

We are looking for tenure-track faculty in Anthropology/Sociology/Political Science/Technology and Media Studies with the following areas of focus:

Digital Anthropology/Ethnography, Digital Sociology, Computational Sociology, Society and Computing, Economic Anthropology/Sociology, Social Network Analysis, Digital and Social Media, Civic and Community Media, Communications Rights, Internet Governance and Policy, Mobile Health, Education, Digital Creative Industries, Emerging Technologies in South Asia, Media Anthropology/Sociology, Social Psychology.

Economics of Information and/or Innovation, Auctions and Game Theory, Social and Economic Networks, Economics and Electronic Commerce, Sharing Economies, Computational and Empirical Economics including Big Data applications.


We seek candidates having a Ph.D. from a top Institution in India or abroad, preferably having post-doc experience and a strong publication record in relevant areas. Scholars with training in social sciences (Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Media Studies, Communications etc.) are preferred. Candidates who are conducting research relevant to the center’s theme and having the capability to independently drive a research program, and provide innovation and quality teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are welcome to apply.

*_Research, Innovation, and Development_*

IIIT Delhi emphasizes on research, innovation, and development to create impact through published papers, reports, projects, and technology development. It strongly focuses on graduate education through the Ph.D. program (attracting over 100 Ph.D. scholars in the past six years). It also extends significant support for initial career development through an initiation research grant, support for international conference travel, professional society membership, and encouragement of continuing collaborations with foreign partner institutions (with options for short-term leave support). It has implemented systems of yearly appraisal/feedback and a tenure process to help faculty members aim high and create an institute whose reputation is benchmarked against international standards. Hence, all faculty members are expected to pursue research leading to publications in journals of repute and high impact and engage in sponsored projects and collaborations. Strong support is provided for research and the teaching load is light. IIIT-Delhi currently has around 60 faculty members, most of whom have their PhDs from top universities around the world. IIIT-Delhi is located within the academic belt of New Delhi, alongside other research institutes of international reputation. The institute is well connected with the city via the New Delhi international airport, railways and an efficient domestic metro service.


The faculty in the center, besides pursuing research, are also expected to offer innovative courses. An interdisciplinary undergraduate program is also being planned in which new faculty members would be involved. The center has plans to offer specialized Master's and Ph.D. programs in the near future.

*_Application Schedule_*

*/For applying:/* Applications are processed regularly. Next deadline: August 31st, 2017. For further queries please contact (faculty-applications /at/ <mailto:(faculty-applications /at/>

Further information on the application process can also be had from <>

*/Technical Seminar:/* On a mutually convenient date; often when the candidate is visiting India. E-seminar is also a possibility.

*/Interaction with Selection Committee:/* Held regularly every few months. Interaction over Skype is also possible.

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