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[ecrea] 2nd edition: Social Media: A Critical Introduction

Fri Mar 10 11:43:56 GMT 2017

Fuchs, Christian. 2017. Social Media: A Critical Introduction. London: Sage. 2nd edition.

More info, classroom materials and the sample chapter "What are Social Media and Big Data?" can be found at:

With social media changing how we use and understand everything from communication and the news to transport, more than ever it is essential to ask the right kinds of questions about the business and politics of social media. This book equips students with the critical thinking they need to understand the complexities and contradictions and make informed judgements.

This Second Edition:
- Lays bare the structures and power relations at the heart of our media landscape.
- Explores the sharing economy of Uber and Airbnb in a brand new chapter.
- Takes us into the politics and economy of social media in China
- Puts forward powerful arguments for how to achieve a social media that serves the purposes of a just and fair world

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