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[ecrea] Workshop: Mundane Memories

Tue Mar 07 15:54:27 GMT 2017


POWER AND POLITICS OF MUNDANE MEMORIES. Tracing, templating and > transforming everyday life.
Half-day workshop at King’s College London

Personal and collective memory-making are usually studied on large > scales that bridge rather extensive temporal distances, at least in > human time. What is overlooked are the kinds of ordinary phenomena > mundane memories are made of. The routines of keeping and recurring > records, taking notes and planning the proximate future as well as > representations thereof and the tools used to accomplish such > activities often seem neither especially consequential nor important.

Addressing speakers from different sciences and humanities, from the > arts and literature as well as from museums, curatorial institutions > and public agencies, the workshop explores the practices and > representations of mundane memories in artistic works, social > organisations as well as in media forms and technologies from both > historic and current perspectives.

Given mundane memories’ historic and contextual ambivalence, they > come with a moral charge to set claims and requirements about their > significance. Frames of meaning, cultural practices and > socio-political cleavages profoundly inform their ethics of > attention and recognition that impact upon which mundane memories > become normalised while others are rendered redundant, suspicious or > precarious.

Participation is free, but registration required.
For further information please contact (sanna.stegmaier /at/

Date: Fri, 24th March 2017; 13.00-18.00
Venue: King's College London, Strand Campus, Small Committee Room > (
Book tickets:
Website: >



THEME I: Exploiting Mundane Memories

Talk: The digital mundane and the abandoned past
Andrew Hoskins, University of Glasgow

Response: Robert Gallagher, Department of English & The Ego-Media > Project, King’s College London

THEME II: Reimagining the Daily Grid

Talk: Mundane memories and subjective feelings in the material > biography of “Things we keep”
Katrin Schreiter, German & European Studies Department, King’s College London

Talk: The interaction between the mundane and the culturally > significant in remembering Ministry of Information campaigns of the > Second World War
Katherine Howells, Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London

Response: Clare Brant, Department of English & The Ego-Media > Project, King’s College London

THEME III: Mundane Memories on the Move

Helen Adams, Department of Geography, King’s College London
Ömür Özkoyuncu Black, Photographer
Cigdem Esin, Stories from the Jungle, University of East London
Aura Lounasmaa, Stories from the Jungle, University of East London
Discussant: Anna Reading, Department of Culture, Media & Creative > Industries, King’s College London


The workshop is organized by Mikka Lene Pers-Højholt, Department of > Education & Professional Studies, Sanna Stegmaier, German > Department, Sandra Borges Tavares, Department of Culture, Media & > Creative Industries, as well as Christian Pentzold from the > University of Bremen, Germany.

The event is generously supported by King's Interdisciplinary Social > Science Doctoral Training Centre (KISS-DTC), funded by the Economic > & Social Research Council (ESRC). It also receives funds from King’s > The Ego-Media Project (, funded by the European > Research Council.


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