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[ecrea] cfp - Local News: sustainability, participation and community life

Fri Mar 03 18:35:09 GMT 2017

Call for papers
Local News: sustainability, participation and community life

/About journalism – Sur le journalisme – Sobre jornalismo /
International academic journal <>

Articles are welcome in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Attention: only full articles will be evaluated (30.000 to 50.000 characters, including spaces, references and footnotes).
Deadline: March 30th 2017
Submission through:

Editors of this special issue: David Domingo, Josep-Àngel Guimerà i Orts, Andy Williams (david.domingo /at/ <mailto:(david.domingo /at/>, (josepangel.guimera /at/ <mailto:(josepangel.guimera /at/>, (WilliamsA28 /at/ <mailto:(WilliamsA28 /at/>

Contributions to the issue may combine empirical evidence and theoretical insights to analyze the current challenges of local journalism. We would like the combination of articles to portray the diversity of cultural, socio-economic and regulatory contexts in different parts of the world. More specifically, we invite research focusing on a combination of the following aspects:

- The evolving role of professional journalism in the production of the public sphere, as well as of the significance of the boundaries between professionals and other actors in local news production.

- The nature and implications of changes and/or continuities in the content of news in local communities, whether this news is produced by established or newer players, or combinations of (dominant, residual, or emergent) producers of local information within the new local news networks.

- New business models aimed at local media sustainability, their strengths and their weaknesses, and their implications for the production, distribution and use of local news.

- The**media policies which regulate local media ecosystems, analyses of
how they are evolving (if at all), consideration of the factors which shape the decisions of law makers, and assessments of the consequences for local news.

- Interrogation of the implications of the involvement of the publics in supporting local media (be they private, public or third tier) through financial means (crowdfunding, audience co-operatives, subscription) or through the (co)production of content.

For the full CFP in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish: <>

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