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[ecrea] Book on Pink Floyd Opportunity

Wed Mar 01 15:25:04 GMT 2017



*Pink Floyd. ***

*A Multi-disciplinary Understanding of a Global Music Brand.*

“How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yar meat?”


Simon Morrison – (s.morrison /at/

Chris Hart – (c.hart /at/

Georgina Gregory – (GGregory /at/


We would like to invite expressions of interest to contribute to a collection on the fascinating subject of the global brand that is Pink Floyd.

This collection seeks to assess, evaluate and reformulate approaches to the critical study and interpretation of Pink Floyd – in the broadest sense of the band, their collective and individual artistic creations and the influence of the social, technological, commercial and political environments, over several decades, on their work.

The music and lyrics of Pink Floyd have produced countless stoned musing and philosophically deep conversations. Nietzsche, Foucault, Marx, Freud and Szaaz, and others, provide the theories and conceptual reference points for attempts to make sense of Pink Floyd. The human condition with all of its paradoxes, anxieties, conflicts, gratifications and the inevitability of death and meaningless may be at the heart of the matter. Beyond this is a band that has successfully bridged the move to digital downloads, has had sell out performances 40 years after forming and continues to re-invent it’s wares for contemporary consumer audiences – such as the re-issue of albums on vinyl and immersive box sets.

This book aims to share understandings of the continuing attraction of Pink Floyd. From the 1960s to the present day not many bands have lasted so long and maintained their appeal across the generations. Why is this?

The purposes of this book are to,

  * Present and discuss constitutive relationships between the
    interpretation of meanings in the works of Pink Floyd and the
    contexts of their emergence
  * Discuss, probe, and evaluate emergent theoretical resources and
    analytical frames across the social sciences, humanities and
    creative arts for a more inter-disciplinary approach to different
    perspectives on Pink Floyd.

This aim and purposes allow for a wide range of possible themes. Rather than suggest or constrain the scope of this book we would like to extend the invitation to submit an abstract on an aspect of Pink Floyd you would wish to be considered. We welcome abstracts of original research from established scholars as well as from those whose work is in its early stages, and who wish to engage with the aim of collegiate cross-disciplinarity.

*About the editors*

Simon Morrison – (s.morrison /at/ <mailto:(s.morrison /at/>

Simon studied English and American literature before embarking on a career as a music journalist at the coalface of club culture. Known to readers of /The Guardian/, /Big Issue/, /Mixmag/, /DJ/ magazine and many more publications, Simon has also produced and presented radio and television on such topics as Ibiza and the Manchester music scene. Currently teaching music journalism and music PR. Simon also organises and does PR for music fests such as /Louder than Words/ and has recently penned a screenplay.

Chris Hart – (c.hart /at/ <mailto:(c.hart /at/>

Chris studied sociology, economics and linguistics and has been active in mainstream publishing and book authoring for over three decades. Currently teaching advertising and branding alongside media studies. Chris is best known for his work on literature reviewing, Talcott Parsons, heroines and heroes and, national identity.

Georgina Gregory – (GGregory /at/ <mailto:(GGregory /at/>

Georgina studied fashion design, before embarking on a teaching career. She taught at several universities, teaching critical and contextual studies to art and design students, before accepting a post at UCLan. Currently teaching popular music and youth culture. Georgina has published in the areas of transgender tribute bands, popular music, music and cultural studies and, music and automobile cultures.

*DEALINE FOR RECEIPT OF expressions of interest*: 24^th April, 2017
Please send your abstract not exceeding 300 words with a brief biography to: (c.hart /at/ <mailto:(c.hart /at/>

*Further information*
Please visit our web site for further information on the specifications of the book.

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