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[ecrea] Internet Science Conference organized by The Network of Excellence in Internet Science (Bruxelles 10-11 Apr. 2013)

Fri Feb 01 19:02:54 GMT 2013

the EU Network of Excellence on Internet Science ( <>) is organizing its first conference in Brussels, 10-11Apr 2013. The conference website is available here <> and the call for paper is available here

The EINS and its conference are highly interdisciplinary spaces - possible topics of submission indicated in the cfp (just an indicative list):

   * Design, implementation, and analysis of network architectures and
   * Techniques for Internet measurement and simulation
   * Economic aspects of the Internet
   * Virtual communities
   * Identity, Trust and Privacy
   * Governance and legal policies
   * Security, Resilience and Dependability Aspects
   * Internet for Sustainability
   * Analysis of human behavior and social interaction using data from
     social media, online networks and communities
   * Methodological challenges of analyzing Web-based large-scale human
     interaction and behavior
   * Network analysis of the Web
   * Microlevel processes and interactions on the Web
   * Collective intelligence, collaborative production, and social
   * Networking issues for emerging applications
   * Structure and organization on the Web
   * Web communities and online lifestyles
   * Web, society, and innovation
   * Intellectual property and the commons
   * Web access, literacy, and democracy
   * Knowledge, education, and scholarship on and through the Web
   * People-driven Web technologies, including social search, open
     data, and new interfaces
   * Using the digital records of user activity mediated by the Web
   * New research questions and thought-provoking ideas, emphasizing
     the intersection of design and social interaction

Long papers (up to 10 pages), extended abstracts (up 6 pages) and short papers (up to 4 pages) can be submitted until Feb.15th 2013. Accepted papers to the conference could be considered through a 2nd round review for publication in a special issue of the IEEE Transaction on Emerging Topics in Computing (to be confirmed).

Also, an award will be given to the best student paper submitted to the conference.

15 February 2013: Submission deadline for papers
3 March 2013: Notification of acceptance for papers
15 March 2013:Camera-ready versions of papers

Please, consider submitting your work to this innovative gathering!



Elena Pavan, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale
Università di Trento
via Verdi 26, 38122 Trento (Italy)
*(elena.pavan /at/ <mailto:(elena.pavan /at/>*
tel: +39 0461 28 1378 <tel:%2B39%200461%2028%201378>
Twitter: @reaction_info

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