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[ecrea] CFP Art & Music in Documentary

Tue Dec 06 17:07:29 GMT 2011




The art of the documentary has been explored at some length in documentary studies. John Grierson famously defined the documentary as the “creative treatment of actuality.” Less, however, has been written about the relationship between documentary and the arts, the impact of documentary on art and artists and vice-versa. The diversity of issues related to representation and interpretation, and the challenges involved in the representation of one medium by another, complicates the discursive spaces of production of art, music and documentary. From the early debates around fidelity and dynamism to the more contemporary ones around interactivity and performativity, the relationship between art, music and documentary is a rich terrain for exploration.

This special issue of *Wide Screen* attempts to address this dynamic relationship between the two and hopes to include in its scope documentaries related to music, performance, photography, painting, dance, architecture, folk and cultural forms, kitsch, experimental video, installation art and exhibition practices. We hope to include in this issue, documentaries on art and music in the international context and within frameworks of ideological, narrative and cultural production analyses.

We* *invite essays, articles, interviews, film and book reviews on this theme. They could include but are not limited to the following:

Documentaries on particular artists

Documentaries on particular artworks

Folk art and artists

Art online


Experimental Video

Feminist Video Art

Representational Challenges involved in depicting art and dance on film

Spatiality, Architecture, Documentary

Documentary and Photography

Musical history

Musical narratives

Reconstructions and live recordings of musical events

Documentary essays on musical genres

Portraits of musicians

The Use of Music in Documentary

* *

*Deadline for paper submission: Jan 5 2012.*

*Papers can be submitted at*: <>

or *emailed to*: (hariharan.veena /at/ <mailto:(kuhutanvir /at/>

*Author guidelines, copyright notice and other information can be accessed at*: <>

Wide Screen

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