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[ecrea] Canadian Media Research Consortium Report

Wed Apr 27 14:36:04 GMT 2011

Dear colleagues

Today, the Canadian Media Research Consortium (CMRC) releases its latest =
report, showing how the rise and popularity of social media are =
affecting how Canadians get their news - and from whom.=20

The third in the CMRC's series of reports on Canadian news habits, =
Social Networks Transforming How Canadians Get the News shows that many =
people now expect the news to come to them, filtered by family, friends =
and acquaintances, rather than only by professional journalists. While =
Canadians still consider traditional print and broadcast media as an =
important source for news, the study found that 36 per cent of adults =
consider social media as an equally important source of news, with that =
figure jumping significantly to 61 per cent for younger adults.=20

More than 18 million Canadians are now on Facebook alone. More than =
two-thirds of those surveyed who use social networks such as Facebook =
value them as a way of staying informed, with the majority saying social =
media exposes them to a broader range of news and information than =
traditional media.=20

The findings help to illustrate the dramatic impact that Facebook, =
Twitter and other social media platforms are having on news production =
and consumption in Canada. The report is particularly timely, given =
concerns that Canadians might share election results online this coming =
Monday before polls close, flouting a 1938 ban on the early broadcasting =
of results.=20

To read more of the CMRC report, visit:

Best, Alfred

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