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[ecrea] New thematic section from Culture Unbound

Wed Apr 20 08:50:01 GMT 2011

New thematic section from Culture Unbound: "Fashion, Market and Materiality=

Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural research has published a new t=
hematic section entitled "Fashion, Market and Materiality", edited by Ther=
=E9se Andersson. This first set of articles for 2011 focuses on the eminent=
ly contemporary area of fashion research. The section covers a range of sch=
olarly approaches and methodological frameworks that, taken together, ackno=
wledge the interconnections between production and consumption of fashion a=
nd maps the relationships between various agencies, institutions, individua=
ls and practices within the fashion world.

Fashion is understood in a wide sense and the subjects range from tradition=
al fashion venues and the retail market to sports clothing and fashion on t=
he film screen - touching on themes and perspectives such as nation brandin=
g, sports studies and media analysis.

Featured articles are:

Ther=E9se Andersson, "Fashion, Market and Materiality: Along the Seams of C=
Ingun Grimstad Klepp, Kirsi Laitala&  Benedicte Hauge, "Materialised Ideals=
: Sizes and Beauty"
Cecilia Fredriksson, "Retail and Fashion - A Happy Marriage?  The Making of=
 a Fashion Industry Research Design"
Marie Riegels Melchior, "Catwalking the Nation: challenges and possibilitie=
s in the case of the Danish fashion industry"
Jennifer Craik, "The Fastskin Revolution: From Human Fish to Swimming Andro=
Viveka Berggren Torell, "As Fast as Possible Rather than well Protected: Ex=
periences of Football Clothes"

Ther=E9se Andersson, "Costume Cinema and Materiality: Telling the Story of =
Marie Antionette through Dress"

You can access all articles for free at:

Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural research is an open access e-j=
ournal that seeks to be a forum for contemporary, cutting edge cultural res=
earch from a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas. We als=
o welcome new article manuscripts in all areas of cultural research, as wel=
l as proposals for future theme sections.

Martin Fredriksson
Executive Editor
Culture Unbound
(Martin.fredriksson /at/<mailto:(Martin.fredriksson /at/>

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