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[ecrea] PhD summer school on the political economy of ICT / Social networking

Wed Apr 28 15:08:00 GMT 2010

>Announcement of PhD summer school on
>The Political Economy of Information and Communication Technologies
>Topic of 2010: Social Networking
>William Melody
>Charles Steinfield
>Ramjee Prasad
>Knud Erik Skouby
>Anders Henten
>Reza Tadayoni
>Dates: 22-27 August 2010
>Place: Skagen, Denmark
>Organizer: Center for Communication, Media and 
>Information technologies (CMI), Aalborg University, Denmark
>Information and registration: 
>Program of summer school: 
>The topic of the 2010 PhD summer school is Social Networking
>The PhD summer school on the political economy 
>information and communication technologies 
>focuses on social networking in 2010. 
>Internet-based communities have existed for more 
>than 20 years, but during the past few years, 
>social networking has become widespread. 
>Worldwide, people connect via the web and extend 
>their social communities beyond what could ever 
>have been realized without the web.
>Till now, users of web-based social networking 
>and communities have mainly used traditional 
>computers with large screens. For many users the 
>concept of social networking means always-on, 
>which sets focus on the trend of being able to 
>do social networking also on smart phones and 
>other smaller screens. The transition from the 
>big screen to the small screen in relation to 
>social networking and communities will be one of 
>the issues examined at the PhD summer school. 
>The summer school will concentrate on the 
>interrelationships between the technological, 
>economic, political, and cultural aspects of social networking.
>Issues that will be dealt with at the summer school include:
>·         User generated content and applications
>·         Mobility and social networks
>·         Privacy and trust in social networks
>·         Standards and technical platforms
>·         New services and applications for 
>mobile devices facilitating social networks
>·         Business models for social networks
>·         Regulatory aspects of social networks
>The summer school is organized in cooperation 
>with CTIF (Centre for TeleInFrastructure), the 
>CAMMP project (Converged Advanced Mobile Media 
>Platform), and is part of the activities of the 
>Mobile and Wireless Cluster (KMT) located at CMI.
>Aim and objectives of the summer school
>The aim of the course is to refine the level of 
>knowledge of the participating Ph.D. students on 
>the economic and political structures and 
>mechanisms affecting technology development in 
>the information and communication technology 
>(ICT) area. It also considers the impact of 
>implementation and application of ICTs on the 
>economy and broader social developments. It is a 
>course in the political economy of technology 
>development with a disciplinary point of 
>departure in economics and social science. This 
>theme is explored at a company (micro), sectoral 
>(meso) and/or societal (macro) level. This will 
>depend on the specific topics chosen in the 
>course. The course targets Ph.D. students with a 
>technology background combined with an economics 
>and/or social science approach and students with 
>an economics and /or social science background 
>focusing on technology development.
>Best regards
>Anders Henten, <mailto:(henten /at/>(henten /at/
>Reza Tadayoni, <mailto:(reza /at/>(reza /at/
>CMI, Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University, Denmark

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