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[eccr] Comparative Technologies of Governance after 'September 11th' in the Middle East & North Africa

Tue Apr 05 10:07:49 GMT 2005

1st Annual Workshop of the BRISMES
Standing Group on Critical Middle East Studies (C-MES)
Comparative Technologies of Governance after 'September 11th' in the Middle 
East & North Africa
Department of Politics
University of Exeter
Thursday 21 - Friday 22 APRIL 2005
Room B93 Laver Building
Call for Papers

C-MES will hold its 1st Annual Workshop in Exeter, 21-22 APRIL 2005. This 
workshop will focus on the evolution of governance throughout the 1990s and 
in particular since 'September 11th', and will aim to draw out in 
particular the similarities (as well as the oft-remarked differences) 
between MENA and European regions. Contributions, particularly in a 
comparative vein and/or locating analysis in the context of wider 
global(ising) dynamics, are invited on themes such as:
v       the construction of political identity in the MENA and Europe;
v       the relationship between modern technologies of socio-political 
governance and forms of political resistance;
v       the relationship between identity, stability, and notions of risk 
and security;
v       deconstructing policy rhetoric and practices towards the Middle East;
v       the role of the media in the legitimation of domestic governance 
and foreign policy / international relations;
v       material and ideational boundaries and their role in local regional 
v       the relationship between identity-related and material sources of 
v       post-positivist theory from various fields and their potential;
v       postcoloniality and the Middle East, and its impact on MENA-EU 
v       the disciplinary politics of Middle East Studies and cognate fields;
v       the politics of producing and using 'knowledge' about the Middle East.

A paper proposal must include an abstract (at least 350 words ca.) which 
demonstrates the wider relevance of the approach adopted, as well as 
outlining an argument on a specific research topic. The proposal must state 
clearly the research question, hypothesis, central argument and empirical 
focus of the paper. Once a proposal has been accepted, speakers must submit 
drafts for circulation among fellow speakers. Presenters will at this stage 
also provide a short reading list (e.g. 3-4 articles, preferably available 
electronically) related to their topic which other participants will use to 
deepen their understanding of the paper's topic. Participants who do not 
intend to present papers at the workshop are also welcome. To submit a 
paper proposal or register as Participant, contact Andrea Teti (C-MES 
Chair) at (a.teti /at/

BRISMES Standing Group on
Critical Middle East Studies (C-MES)

The standing group on Critical Middle East Studies of the British Society 
for Middle East Studies (C-MES) brings together researchers with the aim of 
exploring alternative perspectives on the study of modern and contemporary 
Middle East politics. Its long-term aim is to provide a permanent forum for 
critical Middle East Studies in the UK, organising regular events within 
BRISMES conferences and those of other professional associations such as 
BISA and the PSA, as well as independent workshops. C-MES was formed in 
2003 and began its activities with its first Conference Session at that 
year's annual BRISMES conference, it was also present at the 2003 meeting 
of APSA's Conference Group on the Middle East, and contributed to the 2004 
annual conference of the ECPR's Standing Group on IR in The Hague. C-MES 
members also provided core contributions to the 2004 Double Special Issue 
of the Journal of Mediterranean Studies on post-positivist approaches to 
Middle East politics.

Provisional Programme:

The presentation and discussion of each paper will be allotted 1 hour, with 
presentations lasting 20-30 minutes and remaining time reserved for discussion.
Participants are reminded they should make available 3-4 core texts for 
other participants to read before the Workshop itself. These texts should 
be made available (preferably electronically) to Andrea Teti as soon as 

TBC: Securitisation and legislation in the EU after 9/11
Gennaro Gervasio
University of Bristol
(g.gervasio /at/

Cartographies of Violence
Claire Heristchi
University of Plymouth
(c.heristchi /at/

Global Civil Society and the Middle East: A Case study of transnational 
human rights networks in Jordan
Jessica Lieberman
The George Washington University
(JessicaL /at/

Rents and Late Development in the Arab World
Pete W. Moore
University of Miami
(pmoore /at/

Beyond Transition: Globalization and the Dialectics of Authoritarian 
Persistence in the Arab World
Christopher Parker
Ghent University, Belgium
(Christopher.Parker /at/

Discourses on Gender and Sexuality as technologies of political control in 
Nicola Pratt
University of East Anglia
(n.pratt /at/

Towards a Transnational Sociology of Arab Intellectuals
Ewan Stein
London School of Economics
(E.Stein /at/

Disciplining the Economy: on the Rationality of Syrian Authoritarianism
M. Aurora Sottimano
School of Oriental and African Studies
(101765 /at/

It's All About Politics& Stupid! The Blind Spot Of Democratisation And 
'Good Governance' Debates In The MENA Region.
Sami Zemni
University of Ghent
(Sami.Zemni /at/

Please let us know as much in advance as
possible if you require PowerPoint facilities.

Carpentier Nico (Phd)
Katholieke Universiteit Brussel - Catholic University of Brussels
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