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[eccr] Media policy-making and power: a symposium

Mon Apr 04 07:39:31 GMT 2005

The Unit for Journalism Research, Goldsmiths College & ESRC present:

Media policy-making and power: a symposium

Friday 23 September 2005, 9.30-5.30
Goldsmiths College, University of London

Media policy is changing both in its direction and in its co-ordination. 
The 'shape' of the British media was traditionally decided on by a handful 
of government ministers and officials and reported largely in the business 
pages of the press. At a time of considerable change in the global media 
environment, new actors and new paradigms are emerging that have increased 
the profile of media policy-making and shifted the balance of power between 
corporate and public service interests in the policy-making process.

This symposium brings together informed participants in and commentators on 
British media policy-making to address key questions that have arisen out 
of recent developments like the 2003 Communications Act and BBC Charter 
Review. To what extent is the policy process dominated by industry 
lobbyists or government voices? How open and accountable is the 
policy-making process? What role can the public play in influencing 
decision-making? Is media policy-making increasingly centralized in Downing 
Street or dispersed as the number of 'stakeholders' grows? What are the 
principles and objectives that are guiding policy-makers today?

The symposium offers the opportunity for academics, regulators, industry 
members, students and the general public to debate and reflect on a process 
that shapes the structure and performance of the British media.

9.30 Registration

1) Media policy-making in perspective
Professor Michael Moran (University of Manchester, author of The British 
Regulatory State)
Professor Jean Seaton (University of Westminster, co-author of Power 
without Responsibility)
Des Freedman (Goldsmiths College, author of The Television Policies of the 
Labour Party)

2) The battle over the 2003 Communications Act
Bill Bush (special adviser to culture secretary Tessa Jowell)
Don Redding (Co-ordinator, Public Voice)
Lord Puttnam (chair of the Joint Committee on the Communications Bill)
Nick Toon (head of public affairs, Channel Four)

1-2pm Lunch

3) Dynamics of press policy-making
David Seymour (Political editor: Daily Mirror)
Professor Eric Barendt (UCL, co-author of Media Law)
Professor James Curran (Goldsmiths College, author of Media and Power)

4) An evaluation of Ofcom's Public Service Broadcasting Review and BBC 
Charter Review
Robin Foster (partner, Strategy Development at Ofcom)
Tim Gardam (member of Lord Burns' panel on BBC Charter Review)
David Levy (controller of public policy, BBC)

5.15-5.30 Closing comments

Tickets (including lunch) are free but registration is essential.

For more details and to confirm your attendance please email
Kim Allen ( (co203ka /at/ ) or David Lee ( (co201dl /at/ )

For further information and directions to Goldsmiths College see:

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