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[Commlist] New book: "Snapping and Wrapping" about photography in society

Thu Apr 29 13:47:00 GMT 2021

*book announcement: *

*Snapping and Wrapping: Personal Photography in Japan *

*by Richard Chalfen *

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, *Snapping and
Wrapping: Personal Photography in Japan* by Richard Chalfen (Vernon Press,

Additional materials including recent references, additional illustrations,
suggestions for related studies and original fieldwork will be available on
an accompanying blog.

*Snapping and Wrapping* is an original study of Japanese visual culture,
pictorial communication, and family photography. The book explores how
ordinary people in everyday life produce their own albums as expressions of
Japanese family life. The theme of “how people looked” is described from
how people appeared in and looked at their own photographs. The book
represents a qualitative study of analog camera use involving personal
fieldwork undertaken between 1993 and 2009. The metaphor of “wrapping
culture” (Hendry) is suggested for ways of interpreting pictorial content
and production in conjunction with acknowledged cultural influences and
values of Japanese culture. Across an introduction and six chapters, the
book covers a series of research topics evoked by efforts to recover,
repair, and return millions of photographs to survivors following the 2011
Great East Japan Earthquake. Memory, privacy and kinds of information
control are reviewed as strategies of sharing pictures, “presence” and the
use of photographs for interpersonal interaction and communication.
Throughout the monograph examples of analog personal photography are cited
for potential comparisons to the intensely popular digitalization of
contemporary photographic recordings and, in turn, facilitate making
informed speculations for future photographic practice. This book will be
of interest to upper-level and graduate students and young scholars in the
fields of media and culture and Asian Studies (especially Japanese visual
culture), as well as those working on sensitive relationships of family,
memory and representation.

Acknowledgements & Preface

1.   Introduction: Orientation and Organization

2.   Collections of Japanese Family Photographs

3.   Household Pictures & Wallet Pictures in the U.S. and Japan

4.   Work Place and Tourist Photography in Japan and U.S

5.   Snapshots in Japanese Pet Cemeteries

6.   Ghost Appearances in Japanese Snapshots

7.   “Wrapping Up” and Connecting the Threads

Appendix 1 – Methods of Study

Appendix 2 - The Case of Orphan Photograph Albums

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