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[Commlist] New Book: Trans-Global Punk Scenes: The Punk Reader Volume 2

Thu Apr 22 16:27:38 GMT 2021

Intellect is pleased to announce that /*Trans-Global Punk Scenes: The Punk Reader Volume 2 <>*/, edited by Russ Bestley, Mike Dines, Paula Guerra and Alastair Gordon, is now available in ebook and paperback.

The second offering in Intellect’s *Global Punk <>* series, this edited volume is an interdisciplinary exploration of contemporary trans-global punk scenes. While the punk scenes and subcultures of the late 1970s and early 1980s are well known and well documented, the proliferation of punk after the year 2000 has been far less studied. /Trans-Global Punk Scenes/ brings together contributors from a range of disciplines to examine the global influence of punk in the new millennium, with a focus on punk demographics, the evolution of subcultural punk styles, and the notion of punk identity across cultural and geographic boundaries.

International in scope and analytical in perspective, the chapters offer insight into the dissemination of punk scenes and their form, structure, and contemporary cultural significance in New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Ireland, South Africa, Mexico, the UK and US, Siberia and the Philippines.

*_Table of Contents

*1.* Yes, But Is It Punk? – /Mark Edward Achtermann/

*2.* Re-thinking Punk Discourse and Purpose: A Case Study of Muslim Punk in Java – /Elise Papineau/

*3. *'Mutants of the 67th Parallel North': Punk Performance and the Transformation of Everyday Life – /Hilary Pilkington/

*4.* Looking Beyond Music: Curating and Narrating Punk Subculture in Singapore – /Kai Khiun Liew and J. Patrick Williams/

*5.* Taurunga Music Sux! DIY Punk Culture in Aotearoa – /Kyle Barrett and Wairehu Grant/

*6.* Filipino-American Punk – /Junior Tidal/

*7.* Punk Space in Bandung, Indonesia: Evasion and Confrontation – /Jim Donaghey and Frans Ari Prasetyo/

*8.* Welcome to the 'Modern Age': The Imagery of Punk from the 1970s in the Redefinition of the New York Music Scene of the 2000s and Beyond – /Paula Guerra and Thiago Pereira Alberto/

*9.* Going Through the Motions: Punk Nostalgia and Conformity – /Russ Bestley/

*10.* Always Now: Punk in Washington, DC, 2010–19 – /John R. Davis/

*11.* Punk's Not Dead but its Organs are Being Harvested in Ireland – /Michael Mary Murphy/

*12.* From Punk Rock to Prabhupāda: Locating the Musical, Philosophical and Spiritual Journey of Contemporary Krishnacore – /Mike Dines/

*13.* Gore, Absurdity and Injustice: Narco Aesthetics as Local Transgressions in Grind and Power Violence: A Perspective from Mexico's Musical Subcultures – /José Omar González Hernández/

*14.* Fuck off! Fokofpolisiekar's Afrikaans Punk in the Postcolony – /Schalk D. van der Merwe/

*15.* So Far, So Close: Contemporary Faces of Portugese and Brazilian Punk Scenes – /Paula Guerra and Pedro Menezes/

*Author Biographies


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