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[Commlist] New Book: Straight Skin, Gay Masks and Pretending to Be Gay on Screen

Fri Jun 26 16:41:28 GMT 2020

We would like to announce a new publication from Routledge, which we hope will be of interest.

*Straight Skin, Gay Masks and Pretending to Be Gay on Screen***

*Gilad Padva***


/Straight Skin, Gay Masks and Pretending to Be Gay on Screen/examines cinematic depictions of pretending-to-be-gay, assessing performances that not only reflect heteronormative and explicitly homophobic attitudes, but also offer depictions of gay selfhood with more nuanced multidirectional identifications.

The case of straight protagonists pretending to be gay on screen is the ideal context in which to study unanticipated progressivity and dissidence in regard to cultural construction of human sexualities in the face of theatricalized epistemological collapse. Teasing apart the dynamics of depictions of both sexual stability and fluidity in cinematic images of men pretending to be gay offers new insights into such salient issues as sexual vulnerability and dynamics and long-term queer visibility in a politically complicated mass culture which is mostly produced in a heteronormative and even hostile cultural environment. Additionally, this book initially examines queer uses of sexuality masquerade in Alternate Gay World Cinema that allegorically features a world pretending to be gay, in which straights are harassed and persecuted, in order to expose the tragic consequences of sexual intolerance.

Films and TV series examined as part of the analysis include /The Gay Deceivers/, /Victor/Victoria/, /Happy Texas/, William Friedkin’s /Cruising/ and many other straight and gay screens.

This book comprises six sections:

* Introduction – "Fabricated screens: Sexual authenticity, flamboyant masquerade and queer epistemology of pretending-to-be-gay films";

* Chapter one – "Staging Femininity: Screening the perilous pleasures of pretending to be a sissy";

* Chapter two – "Take it like a man: Cruising machismo in Leatherland";

* Chapter three – "Pretending to be allies?: Straight women, their pretending-to-be-gay admirers and sexual authentication";

* Chapter four – "Odd couples, queer partnerships and gay marriages in pretending-to-be-gay films";

* Chapter five – "Screening compulsory homosexuality: The perilous pleasures of parodying heteronormativity and fantasizing a topsy-turvy martyrdom";

* Afterword – "When gay masks gaze at the deceiver's straight skin: The grotesque screening of deceptive horrors and delights."

This study is relevant to students and researchers in Film Studies, Television Studies, Media Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Theatre Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Men's Studies, Gender Studies, Feminist Studies, Queer Studies, and Heterosexuality Studies.

*Dr. Gilad Padva is a film, popular culture, men’s studies and queer theory scholar. He is the author of /Queer Nostalgia in Cinema and Pop Culture /(2014) and co-editor of /Sensational Pleasures in Cinema, Literature and Visual Culture: The Phallic Eye /(2014), /Intimate Relationships in Cinema, Literature and Visual Culture /(2017) and /Leisure and Cultural Change in Israeli Society /(2020). He also publishes extensively in international academic journals, international collections and international encyclopedias. He currently teaches men’s studies and popular culture at the Program for Women and Gender Studies with the NCJW at Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

*Routledge**| June 2020 | 196pp | ISBN 9780367247744| HB | £120.00**
ISBN 9780429287442| EB | £33.29**

*Price subject to change.

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