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[Commlist] new book: Disney's Star Wars—Forces of Production, Promotion and Reception

Fri Sep 27 15:21:53 GMT 2019

Disney's Star Wars
Forces of Production, Promotion, and Reception
William Proctor
Richard McCulloch

In 2012, Disney purchased Lucasfilm, which meant it also inherited the beloved /Star Wars /franchise. This corporate marriage sent media critics and fans into a frenzy of speculation about what would happen next with the hugely popular series. /Disney’s /Star Wars gathers twenty-one noted fan and media studies scholars from around the world to examine Disney’s revival of the franchise.

Covering the period from Disney’s purchase through the release of /The Force Awakens/, the book reveals how fans anticipated, interpreted, and responded to the steady stream of production stories, gossip, marketing materials, merchandise, and other sources in the build-up to the movie’s release. From fears that Princess Leia would be turned into a “Disney princess” to collaborative brand management, the authors explore the shifting relationship between fans, texts, and media industries in the context of a crucial rebranding campaign. The result is a fascinating examination of a critical moment in the iconic series’ history.

*“*/*Star Wars */*isn’t what it used to be. This fascinating collection of essays captures a key moment in its ever-expanding universe, acknowledging the contradictions of its history, the fluidity of its continuity, and the diversity of its texts—from toys to theme parks, from the */*Holiday Special */*to */*The*//*Force Awakens*/*. Engaging and entertaining.”—Will Brooker, author, */*Using the Force: Creativity, Community, and */*Star Wars */*Fans */

*“No other volume engages this topic so thoroughly or in-depth. Thanks to four new */*Star Wars */*films since Disney’s acquisition of the property, the subject is both hot and relevant, and the contributors provide insights and contextualization for the larger */*Star *//*Wars */*universe and the academy. Plus, it’s fun to read!”—Kevin Wetmore, Loyola Marymount University *

*“An international mix of authors—many of whom grew up as part of the */*Star Wars */*generation—turn their collective intelligence onto Disney’s expansion of George Lucas’s epic adventure saga, considering how */*Star Wars */*has engaged audiences across multiple media platforms and inspired a range of fan responses. Each essay makes a unique contribution to our understanding of one of today’s most important media franchises.”—Henry Jenkins, coauthor, */*Participatory Culture in a Networked Era */


Lucy Bennett, Paul Booth, Douglas Brown, Matthew Freeman, Ross Garner, Lincoln Geraghty, Jonathan Gray, Colin B. Harvey, Dan Hassler-Forest, Matt Hills, Bethan Jones, Lorna Jowett, Michelle Kent, Bridget Kies, Richard McCulloch, Emma Pett, Tom Phillips, William Proctor, Rebecca Williams, Mark J.P. Wolf, Joshua Wucher

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