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[Commlist] Book 2.0 Special Issue: ‘Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019’ now availaible

Fri Sep 20 14:21:35 GMT 2019

Intellect is happy to announce that /Book 2.0/ issue 9.1&2 is now available!

Special Issue: ‘Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019’

For more information about the special issue and journal click here <>

*Aims & Scope*

Book 2.0is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles and reviews about all forms of contemporary book production and design, in order to explore the theoretical space opened up by digital technology. It provides a forum for the most original and progressive thoughts and practices in writing, illustration, book design and production, and publishing across all sectors.

*Issue 9.1&2*

Editorial <>

Mick Gowar and Mark Turin


Opportunities and challenges in preserving and revitalizing the Tibetan oral literature Shépa in Chone <>

Bendi Tso

Sustaining Sherpa language and culture in New York <>

Pasang Yangjee Sherpa

_Creative Contribution_

Ni kaakiihtwaamaan itootamihk waapamishoon aan mii wiichaytoowuk: I am practice reflected in relationships <>

Victoria Bouvier


Stories with deep roots: Cultivating community– university relationships to facilitate the creation of Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw children’s stories <>

Lucy Hemphill and Daisy Rosenblum


Aliwas Goes Berry-Picking <>

Lucy Hemphill


Linguistically and culturally relevant education on the roof of the world: The collaborative creation of a Ladakhi storybook <>

Patrick Dowd


The changing landscape of publishing in Nepal: Interview with Bidur Dangol <>

Bidur Dangol and Mark Turin


The role of libraries in Indigenous language revitalization: A te reo Maori perspective <>

Spencer Lilley

Clearing space: Language reclamation, decolonization and the Internet <>

Kristen Tcherneshoff and Daniel Bögre Udell

A succession of dialogues: François-Marie Luzel and his contribution to the Breton folk tale <>Michael Wilson


Jannic aux deux sous: Tuppenny Jack <>

Michael Wilson

_Creative Contribution_

Letters for mother <>

Sienna R. Craig


Writing the self, decolonization and gaining through translation <>

Janet Hujon

Cree language use in contemporary children’s literature <>

Julia Schillo and Mark Turin

_Book Reviews_


    A Bond Undone: Legends of the Condor Heroes II, Jin Yong (trans.
    Gigi Chang) (2019) Tom Ue


  * Chinatown Days, Rita Chowdhury (2018) Vayu Naidu


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