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[Commlist] CaP-Special Issue On the social construction of geomedia technologies published

Mon Sep 09 09:11:14 GMT 2019

*Communication and the Public published a special issue on the social construction of geomedia technologies. Please find the content below:

*Special Issue: **On the social construction of geomedia technologies*

Guest edited by///Karin Fast, Emilia Ljungberg and Lotta Braunerhielm ///

*1. **Introduction*: *On the social construction of geomedia technologies*

/Karin Fast, Emilia Ljungberg and Lotta Braunerhielm/

*Keywords:* Geomedia <>, geomediatization <>, social construction <>, space/place <>, technology <>


*2. **Constructing the check-in: Reflections on photo-taking among Foursquare users***

/Rowan Wilken and Lee Humphreys /

*Keywords:* Check-ins <>, Foursquare <>, locative media <>, photography <>


*3. **Simultaneous localization and mapping and the situativeness of a new generation of geomedia technologies***

/Max Kanderske and Tristan Thielmann /

*Keywords: *Geomedia <>, media geography <>, navigation <>, sensory media <>, SLAM <>


*4.**Social shaping of mobile geomedia services: An analysis of Yelp and Foursquare***

/Jordan Frith and Rowan Wilken /

*Keywords: * Determination/contingency <>, Foursquare <>, geomedia <>, locative media <>, Yelp <>



*5. **One map to rule them all? Google Maps as digital technical object***

/Scott McQuire /

*Keywords: *Digital platforms <>, geomedia studies <>, Google Maps <>, mapping platforms <>, urban communication <>


*6. **The mutual shaping of geomedia and gentrification: The case of alternative **t**ourism apps*

/André Jansson /

*Keywords:* Gentrification <>, locative media <>, media technology <>, mobility <>, social space <>, tourism <>



*Book Reviews *

*7. **Custodian**s of the Internet: Platforms, content moderation, and the hidden decisions that shape social media ***

/Tarleton Gillespie, reviewed by Chloé Nurik /



*8. **Faked in China: Nation branding, counterfeit culture, and globalization*

/Fan Yang, reviewed by Marcella Szablewicz /



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