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[eccr] New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film

Fri Sep 12 07:02:58 GMT 2003

>                             New Cinemas:
>                     Journal of Contemporary Film
>            Volume 2 (2004) edited by World Cinema Group,
>                          University of Leeds
>                            CALL FOR PAPERS
>New Cinemas is a refereed academic journal devoted to the
>study of contemporary film around the world. Recent
>developments have brought about a renewal of film industries in the
>Far and Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. However, there
>is a marked tendency to focus exclusively upon issues of otherness
>and marginality, ignoring the specificities of these films. New
>Cinemas challenges this value judgment to explore approaches that
>posit the egalitarian value of cinema.
>There is a strong focus on what is happening now. The focus is
>on work being produced and new ways of approaching evaluation of
>this work ­ not as if the work is done in a historical vacuum, but on
>current work: We recognise filmmakers in Argentina or in Iran
>always have behind them a tradition they can use or react against: we
>believe the whole experience of avant-garde film-making and the
>explosion of styles to come out of the 1960s is relevant to ­ and
>accounts for ­ the work of contemporary film-makers. This journal
>breaks down barriers and places World cinema on an equal footing
>with the mainstream by creating a space where marginal voices
>can find a vehicle for expression.
>The journal invites contributions from a wide and diverse
>community of researchers. It seeks to generate and promote
>research from both experienced researchers and to encourage those
>new to this field. The aim is to provide a forum for debate arising
>from findings as well as theory and methodologies. A range of
>research approaches and methods is encouraged. The research field
>of New Cinemas will include first the specificities of current work in
>the New Cinemas, across the broadest possible geographic range,
>furthering understanding of the specific through the articulation of an
>egalitarian view of all Cinemas and second the specificities of the
>New Cinemas, including evaluations through the histories, societies,
>politics, cultures and other works that may bring influence and
>Submissionsshould be in the following:
>"   Full Articles (5000-6000 words) should include original work of
>     a research or developmental nature and/or proposed new methods
>     or ideas which are clearly and thoroughly presented and argued.
>"   Notes (2000-5000 words) should include reports of research in
>     progress, or reflections on the research process or research
>     evaluations.
>"   Reports (1000-2500 words) include perspectives on conferences,
>     seminars and events pertaining to the subject matter of the
>"   Reviews (500-1500 words) include any published work (print or
>     electronic) relevant to a further understanding of the subject
>     of the journal.
>We are seeking suitable papers for consideration by the
>editorial group. In the first instance, manuscripts should be submitted
>in two printed hard copies, double-spaced. All style conventions
>and further details of the journal can be found at:
>              <>
>(See Information and Submissions and Notes for Authors)
>Please send manuscripts to: New Cinemas, C/o School of Modern
>Languages and Cultures, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT,
>Forthcoming deadlines for submission:
>Volume 2:1 ­ 1 November 2003
>Volume 2:2 ­ 1 February 2004
>Volume 2:3 ­ 1 May 2004
>For further information and article submission, please contact:
>Song Hwee Lim (General Editor). Email: (s.h.lim /at/, or
>Claire Taylor (Volume 2 Number 1 Co-Editor). Email:
>(c.l.taylor /at/

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