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[Commlist] Call for applications for post-doc research on Environmental Communication and the Construction of Nature

Fri Jun 26 07:50:05 GMT 2020

Call for applications for post-doc fellows, for research on Environmental Communication and the Construction of Nature

Charles University will make 10 to 12 Post-Doctoral Fellowships available, financed through its Post-Doc Stays Fund. Post-Doctoral Fellows will be engaged to work on a project taking no longer than 2 years (24 months) of full-time employment. The scholarship will be around 2400 Euro per month.

Scholarships will be awarded for projects in 40 thematic areas, one of which is the "Environmental Communication and the Construction of Nature", with Nico Carpentier as its supervisor. This particular call is for candidates who wish to work within the domain of "Environmental Communication and the Construction of Nature" (from a constructionist and/or post-structuralist perspective), and who want to submit a credible proposal in this thematic area. More information about the exact nature of this theme can be found below.

Potential candidates are strongly recommended to consult with the supervisor, Nico Carpentier (at (nico.carpentier /at/, before submitting their final application to him.

Time table:
* Deadline for final applications sent to Nico Carpentier: July 21, 2020
* Deadline for these applications to be submitted to the Faculty: July 22, 2020
* First selection (nomination by the respective Faculties): August 3, 2020
* Second selection (University Committee): September 2020
* Decision by Rector: October 2020
* Position available from (if selected): January 1, 2021

* The applicant must be a resident of a country different than the Czech Republic * At the time of submission, the applicant must have received a PhD degree and no more than 5 years prior to the application deadline. At the time of submission the applicant must have completed Ph.D. studies abroad. (*) * The applicant can not be qualified for an associate professorship (habilitation) prior to the application deadline.
(*) for an exception, see

Required application documents:
(see for templates)
* Application Form:
* Letter of Reference (written even by the supervisor in the PhD programme or a by a researcher/head of establishment, where the applicant completed the doctoral study)
* Scientific CV + List of Publications (max. 2 pages A4 altogether)
* Copy of University Diploma or Provisional certificate of completion of PhD studies or another official confirmation, that the applicant has been awarded PhD Degree

More information:
* About Post-Doc Stays Fund:
* All thematic areas at the Faculty of Social Sciences:
* Nico Carpentier:


Theme: Environmental Communication and the Construction of Nature
Supervisor: Nico Carpentier
Workplace: Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University)

Environmental Communication is a growing subfield of Communication and Media Studies, with its own academic association (IECA) founded in 2011, and a plenitude of academic publications and journals. As climate change and environmental issues have forcefully demanded our attention, and communication is recognized as being part of both problem and solution, there are strong academic and societal needs to further strengthen this field, and fill some of the gaps that still trouble it.

This project aims to contribute to the strengthening of Environmental Communication by infusing it with the study of what is behind (and embedded within) communication, namely the discursive constructions of the environment and nature, and the ways that these discursive constructions circulate within a diversity of media outlets. Here, we have to keep in mind that a multitude of discursive constructions about nature exist (ranging from anthropocentric perspectives to so-called biocentric perspectives), and that they engage in discursive struggles with each other, in other to try to achieve a hegemonic position. These discursive constructions also have very material dimensions, as they can motivate and legitimate the destruction of natural resources through their over-exploitation, or can inspire a variety of activist interventions to try to counter this (some of which produce strong antagonisms and can thus be highly problematic as well). As the human-nature relations are currently being rethought and reconfigured, through these discursive struggles, studying how media communicate these different discursive constructions about nature is innovative and necessary at the same time.

The project will focus on 1/the identification of the discursive constructions of nature in the coverage of selected (mainstream and alternative) media outlets, 2/the analysis of (the media representation of) their discursive struggles, and 3/the role of media in facilitating (or disallowing) the communication of these constructions and their struggles. As a post-doc project, it will profit from the support of a local team of the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (ICSJ), that is involved in (and funded by) the Mistra Environmental Communication Research Programme. Through its involvement in this research programme, the ICSJ team is already doing research on Swedish media (and artistic) representations of the environment and climate change, and its enrichment with a multi-country approach will be appreciated.

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