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[ecrea] CFP: New Media Studies Conference

Fri Apr 10 11:45:00 GMT 2009

?Bolyai University Media Center & Journalism Department invite you to

Interdisciplinary New Media Studies International Conference May 21â??23 2009

Trajectories in Researching New Media Systems,
Eâ??business Management and Eâ??publishing

â??Call for Papersâ??
As the impact of new media grows each day, more and more young researchers approach this emerging field. There is a serious lack of coherent theoretical background fieldâ??wide and the fast development of the field has made it difficult to outline specific research methodology. The interdisciplinary nature of the field determines lack of unity in existing approaches towards new media research. In this context, this conference aims to provide researchers and other participants with both a coherent theoretical framework for general research in the field of new media. Also, some presentations will serve as starting points for debates meant to clarify known issues such as information reliability, content management and censorship, language and style on the Web and so on. Another important section of this conference deals with new media entrepreneurship, starting small and making it big on the new media market today with specific focus on online television, videoâ??sharing portals, online radios, blogs, advertising and research methodology to approach the study of their development and overall social, economical and cultural impact both in Western and Eastern European countries as well as globalâ??wide.
Deadline for submission of papers (draft): April 15 2009
Notification of acceptance: April 25 2009
Deadline for submission of cameraâ??ready papers: May 5 2009
Papers will be written in English and should contain abstracts. Abstracts should be no more than 300 words (plus a list of 4â??10 keywords). Please include a full list of authors, their eâ??mails and their affiliation. Full papers should be 6â??15 pages long and should contain references. A template will be available on the organizersâ?? websites.
Papers will be peerâ??reviewed.
The conference proceedings will be published and available at the conference.
Contact and Submissions:
(radu.meza /at/
Extra information will be available at:
Organizing Committee
Senior Lecturer Ph.D. Elena Abrudan ­ Head of Journalism DDepartment and Director of BBU Media Center
Assistant Radu Meza â?? Contact person ­ (radu.meza /at/ polito.ubbcluj.rro)
Lecturer Ph.D. Cristina Nistor
Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela MureÅ?an
Assistant Ph.D. Andreea MogoÅ?
Assistant Andrei Costina
International Scientific Committee
Professor Ph.D. Mauri Kaipainen
Senior Lecturer Ph.D. Georgeta DrulÄ?
Senior Lecturer Ph.D. Alina Andreica
Senior Lecturer Ph.D. Rodica Mocan
Senior Lecturer Ph.D. Dan ChiribucÄ?
Lecturer Ph.D. Cristian SÄ?cÄ?rea
Lecturer Ph.D. Robert Buchmann
Researching New Media Systems
 Complex New Media Systems Research Methodology
 Case Studies: Popular Online Systems Research
 Data Mining
 Gathering Qualitative Data Online
 Gathering Quantitative Data Online
 Knowledge Representation
 Applied Network Analysis
 Data Representation for Large Datasets
 Statistical Inference Methods for Large Datasets
 Formal Concept Analysis
 Data Reliability
 New communicational paradigms

Eâ??business Management
 Case Studies: Successful eâ??businesses
 Building Online Capital
 Blog Marketing
 Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies Online
 Advertising Online
 Online Media and Eâ??Publishing

 Social Networking and Social Media Optimization
 Media Company Branding Online
 Attracting User Generated Content
 Producers vs. Prosumers
 Sequential Consumption vs. Hypertextual Consumption
 Content Management
 Social media communities as game setups
 Mechanisms of power in new media

Digital Media and Eâ??publishing, Online Society Dynamics
 Digitally Compositing Reality
 Photojournalism in the Digital Age
 Visual Culture in New Media Journalism
 Cultural interfaces
 Visual Communication Methods Used Online
 Styles and Layouts in New Media Journalism
 The New Journalistic Language
 Online Radio
 Online Television
 Videoâ??sharing Portals
 Alternative Media
 Tribal Virtual Communities
 Slang and Web Jargon as Social Aggregators
 Public Relations Online
 Political Blogs
 Internet Voting
 Blogs and Freedom of Speech
 New social structures
 Participatory media
 Multiâ??perspective media

Any submissions on other topics in the field of new media research, eâ??business management and eâ??publishing are welcome.
Related event:
Interactive Multimedia Student Competition
Multimedia content production requires the joint efforts of journalism, media and communication students as well as design and computer science students. Finding the best idea, defining a concept and finally developping a succesful product depends on teamwork in an interdisciplinary context, accesing the best resources, marketability and knowâ??how. The Interactive Multimedia competition aims to stimulate creativity in the context of new technogy use. Students are required to work together and develop multimedia projects in the following content areas: ? Online Multimedia ? Interactive narratives es (Documentary & Reporting, Gaming) ? Offline Multimedia ? Interactive guides and tutorials Deadline for submisssion of projects: May 5 2009 Final presentations: May 23 2009 Contact, Support and Submission: Senior lecturer Ph.D. Rodica Mocan: (rodicamocan /at/ assist Radu Meza: (radu.meza /at/
assist.Andrei Costina: (andrei.costina /at/

Nico Carpentier (Phd)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Free University of Brussels
Centre for Studies on Media and Culture (CeMeSO)
Pleinlaan 2 - B-1050 Brussels - Belgium
T: ++ 32 (0)2-629.18.56
F: ++ 32 (0)2-629.36.84
Office: 5B.401a
European Communication Research and Education Association
E-mail: (Nico.Carpentier /at/

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