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Thu Aug 14 09:23:45 GMT 2008


Date:	April 29th to May 1st 2009
Venue:	University of Bremen, Germany

54th Annual Conference of the German Communication Association (DGPuK)

Our present cultures cannot be understood beyond the media. If one understands cultures in the widest sense of the word as the whole conflicting way of living, knowing and acting of a major group of people, then they are communicatively mediated: Through communication we become socialized within cultures, and cultural practices are to a large degree expressed in communication. These processes of communication occur increasingly via technical media, beginning with newspapers and journals, through television, radio and film up to the so-called hybrid media of computers and mobile phones. In this sense we can understand our present cultures as media cultures.

Taking this as a starting point the conference ?Media Culture in Change? has a threefold objective: First aim is to discuss how to describe media cultures within media and communication studies theoretically and empirically. Secondly, the subject of the conference is to reflect how change can be described adequately and also how it can be operationalised. Third, the conference addresses the question of the significance of research on media cultures for the theoretical development of media and communication studies.

Papers on the following topic fields are welcome:
        ? Concepts of media culture
        ? Empirical media culture research
        ? Historical dimension of media cultural change
        ? Present relevance of media cultural change
? Media politics, public sphere and political discourse cultures
        ? Integration, segregation and conflicts in media cultures
        ? Cultures of journalism, production and organisation
        ? Contents, formats and discourses of media cultures
? Everyday life, appropriation and socialisation in media cultures

Invited keynote speakers are:
        ? Hans Adler, University of Wisconsin, Madison
        ? Claus Leggewie, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen
? Robin Mansell, London School of Economics and Political Science
        ? David Morley, Goldsmiths College University of London

For further information on the conference and the full call for papers please visit the web page

Abstracts must be submitted by 15th October 2008 via the online abstract management system, accessible via this web page after 1st September 2008.

Responsible for local organisation: Andreas Hepp ((Andreas.Hepp /at/ ).
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