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[ecrea] CFP: Visual Narrative Media in Britain from Ally Sloper to Judge Dredd

Tue Aug 05 20:56:08 GMT 2008

CFP: Visual Narrative Media in Britain from Ally Sloper to Judge Dredd

Popular Narrative Media/Association for Research in Popular Fictions Conference

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th July 2009

Liverpool John Moores University, Dean Walters Building

Covering the period from the 1880s to early 1980s, this interdisciplinary conference will look at the histories, methodologies, archives, readers and cultural practices surrounding a range of visual texts and texts containing illustrations.

The texts include anthology and other comics, comic strips, cartoons, illustrated story papers, and periodicals of which the following are indicative examples: Ally Sloper's Half Holiday, Judy, Illustrated Chips, Girl's Own Paper, Boy's Own Paper, The Dandy, The Beano, School Friend, Whizzer and Chips, Rupert, Hornet, Wizard, Tiger, Hotspur, Eagle, Girl, Bunty, Giles, Look-In, Look and Learn, Tammy, Misty, Valiant, 2000AD and Red Letter. Papers on specific comic book characters and covers are also welcome. Some of the titles run beyond the period the conference focuses on, but papers should stay within the period specified.

There is a particular interest in papers on material for children and young adult readers, as well as papers on texts for adult readers.

Proposals will explore the diverse formations, mediations, practices and representations of these texts and their readers.

They may feature, amongst many other themes: analyses of cultural practices surrounding these texts including swapping and collections, or how these texts and images might be appropriated or wilfully mis-read/decoded.

Papers may also focus on individual texts or characters, look at documents related to their production or analyse history and culture as explored through a specific run of a title or titles or compare productions. They may also talk about the impact that these texts had on later generations of creators.

They could, in addition, look at how such texts adapted to changes in the political and social climate or affected national policy or civic character or indicated concerns about the present or future or about the use and perception of history.

Proposals may also consider methodology particularly in relation to interdisciplinary study, archiving and digitisation and the relationship between this subject area and research in teaching.

250 word abstracts for proposals for 20 minute presentations should be sent by 15th December 2008 to <mailto:(mel.gibson /at/>(mel.gibson /at/ or <mailto:(mel /at/>(mel /at/ Proposals for panels also welcome.

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