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[eccr] Globalization Conference in Istanbul

Tue Dec 16 11:13:39 GMT 2003

>The University of Bahçeþehir, in collaboration with
>Richmond, the American International University in
>London, announce the 2nd Annual Media and Cultural
>Studies Conference:
>"Globalization, Americanization and Contemporary
>Popular Culture"
>Istanbul, Turkey
>May 20-22, 2004
>This year, the theme of the Media and Cultural
>Studies conference will be Globalization,
>Americanization and Contemporary Popular Culture. The
>conference will be held at the Goethe Institute,
>located in central Istanbul. The organizers invite
>paper proposals addressing any aspect of the
>conference theme. Papers from a wide variety of
>disciplines (Media Studies, Gender Studies, Cultural
>Studies, Sociology, Political Economy, American
>Studies, Urban Studies, History, Anthropology, etc.),
>and of varying methodologies, are welcome. Possible
>topics include, but are not limited to:
>* the global and the local in popular culture
>* non-American and/or non-Western influences on global
>* new directions in the cultural imperialism debate
>* postmodern culture & hyper-reality
>* popular culture after 9-11
>* electronic communications and transnational networks
>in contemporary popular culture
>* methodological approaches to the study of popular
>* the role of economics in globalization and/or
>* local, regional, national and/or transnational
>efforts to regulate the spread of globalization and/or
>In addition to paper presentations, there will be a
>number of keynote speeches by internationally
>recognized scholars. Details on the speakers, and the
>titles of their talks, will be posted on the
>conference website at a future date.
>There will be a conference registration fee of 50
>Euros. Graduate students and participants from
>institutions located in low-income and
>lower-middle-income economies are eligible for a
>reduced fee
>A list of hotels, located in close proximity to the
>conference location and with specially negotiated
>prices, will also be posted to the conference website.
>Abstracts should be 500 words in length, and should
>give some indication as to the theoretical grounding
>of the paper. The deadline for abstracts is February
>15, 2004.  Notification of acceptance/rejection will
>be no later than March 6, 2004.
>Submissions must contain the following information:
>(1) name, (2) title/position, (3) institutional
>affiliation, (4) email, telephone and postal address,
>(5) abstract. Abstracts should be sent in main body of
>the email (NOT as attachments) to BOTH of the
>Süheyla Kýrca Schroeder ((skirca /at/
>Christian Christensen ((cochristensen /at/
>Conference Organizers:
>Süheyla Kýrca Schroeder, Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor, Faculty of Communication
>University of Bahçeþehir, Istanbul.
>Christian Christensen, Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor, Faculty of Communication
>University of Bahçeþehir, Istanbul
>Alex Seago, Ph.D.
>Professor & Department Chair
>Dept. of Humanities & Social Sciences
>Richmond, The American International University in
>This conference is made possible through generous
>support from the following:
>* The Goethe Institut ­ Istanbul
>* The Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul
>* The British Council ­ Istanbul
>Dr. Christian Christensen
>Assistant Professor
>Faculty of Communication
>Bahcesehir University
>Istanbul, Turkey
>Office: 90-212-4421816 (x221)
>Fax: 90-212-4423184

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