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[Commlist] Revista Comunicando | Call for papers on "Green Years of Journalism"

Mon Mar 18 19:00:14 GMT 2024

Revista Comunicandoinvites you to submit papers for the thematic section "Green Years of Journalism" between 1st April and 10th June 2024: <>

Thematic editors:João Miranda (University of Coimbra), José Nuno Matos (NOVA University) and Alexandra Figueiras (Lusófona University)**

In recent decades, journalism has been shaken by a series of technological, social, cultural, and economic transformations that imply renewed challenges not only for editorial projects and professionals, but also for the sustainability of journalism's role and place in society.

Between traditional conceptions of professional identity and values and a redefinition of the communication, economic and technological environment in which they work, young journalists and those applying to the profession tend to be particularly affected by the repercussions of this new paradigm. On the one hand, faced with a socio-occupational context that accentuates signs of instability and precariousness, they are forced to face a complex negotiation between their motivations and expectations for the profession and their disillusionment or uncertainty about the future of journalism. On the other hand, they are seen by editorial managers and other professionals as agents of change and innovation within newsrooms and the news industry. In particular, this last circumstance cannot be dissociated from a renewal of the media ecosystem, which also unveils new possibilities for news production and distribution, new journalism formats or new opportunities and business models. Whilst this new situation may contribute to widening or redefining the boundaries of the profession, it will also tend to jeopardise consolidated ways of entering the profession.

This new paradigm also represents a series of challenges for journalism teaching, giving rise to new debates and new concerns.

This thematic section ofRevista Comunicandoentitled "Green Years of Journalism" aims to contribute to the debate on the different dimensions that are articulated here. The thematic section is open to articles, interviews, reviews, and experience reports on different topics in this field, not excluding others that are also appropriate, including:

- Journalism education

- Access to the journalistic profession

- Internships and other ways of entering the profession

- Working conditions and employment of young journalists

- Expectations and values relating to the profession

- New journalism models and practices

- Journalism's relationship with other professional fields

- The frontiers of journalism

- New production routines

- Other emerging journalisms

- New definitions of journalism

- Constraints on the practice of journalism

The works in the thematic section will be published between July and December 2024, in a continuous edition.

All papers are subject to a double-blind peer review process. There are no associated publication fees (article processing fees or APCs).

FULL TEXT SUBMISSION PERIOD:1st April to 10th June 2024

LANGUAGES:Portuguese, English or Spanish

SECTIONS:articles, interviews, reviews, and experience reports


Revista Comunicando is an open-access academic journal dedicated to the area of Communication Sciences and its interfaces with Social and Human Sciences. Created in 2012 as part of the Young Researchers Working Group, it is one of the scientific journals of the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences.

The journal also maintains a permanent open call for submissions in the different areas of communication sciences: <>

For further information, please contact: revistacomunicando[at] <>

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