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[Commlist] Call for Abstracts: The Handbook of Health Communication in the Global South

Fri Mar 15 12:11:35 GMT 2024

Call for Abstracts: The Handbook of Health Communication in the Global South

Editors: Thomas Tufte, Vinod Pavarala, Eliza Govender


This Handbook invites and wishes to engage with scholarship from the Global South that addresses epistemological and methodological advancements, as well as case studies, in health communication, within a communication for social change framework that addresses specific global health issues. The book will be published in the IAMCR-Wiley Blackwell-Wiley series of Global Handbooks in Media and Communication Research.

Focus of Handbook

While Western paradigms of thought - both within communication research as well as within the field of public health and wellbeing – dominate the international discourse, we have in recent years experienced a growing focus on the epistemologies of the South. These global south approaches to knowledge productions are calling for a need to better understand perceptions of health and wellbeing, practices of care from the perspective of knowledge systems and worldviews that lie beyond those of the dominant paradigms. Similarly, within communication research in general, and communication for social change research in particular, we have seen strong calls for epistemic freedom and we currently see growing visibility of Global South communication experiences emanating from community experiences and drawing on local knowledge systems and communicative practices. This handbook wishes to tap into these new developments in both public health and communication.

When reviewing the political economy of global health, we see how it reveals structural inequalities that historically, and still today, result in power imbalances, unfair distribution of resources, and, consequently, Global South populations being negatively affected. The COVID crisis and the struggle for COVID vaccines are a case in point, showing how the Global North benefitted to the neglect of populations in the more deprived regions of the world.

In practical matters, it is a fact that many public health issues are hitting hard on Global South populations. We see this recurrently in food security, nutrition, issues of diabetes, migration, health and mobilities, health emergencies, and public health challenges emerging from climate change.  This handbook wishes to introduce and unpack this field of experience, offering insights both into the actual health communication experience in these sections in the Global South, but also uncover some of the knowledge systems, resources, and practices of resilience that feature in these Global South experiences.

The focus of the book is on exploring the scholarship and methodological insights that address overall topics such as health disparities, tailored health solutions, innovative and community driven strategies, use of digital platforms and technologies that align with local infrastructures, and decolonial perspectives on health communication addressed by examining the power relations that perpetuate health inequities.

Some of the key global health issues we wish to include in the volume are:

  * Communicating risks and crises
  * Community health
  * Mental health
  * Popular communication and health
  * Treatment, Care and support in existing and emerging pandemics
  * Health and Wellbeing
  * Migrant health
  * Natural disasters, climate change and impact on health crises
  * Epidemics and Health/Health Crisis and misinformation

Health Communication topics this collection is particularly interested in are:

  * African, Asian, Latin American as well as Indigenous perspectives to
    health communication and healthcare
  * Epistemologies from the Global South on health, wellbeing and care
  * Theoretical contributions from the Global South: intersectionality
    of Health Communication, development communication and public health
  * Methodological innovations and centralisation of health in
    communication ecosystems (socio-cultural interactions, with
    communication and media technologies)
  * Decolonising and re-defining health communication
  * Community voices and participatory communication for health:
    processes and practices
  * The political economy of public health and health communication in
    the global south
  * Donor agencies in the public health, health communication and
    development agendas
  * Social justice, activism, and advocacy: Social movements for health
    and wellbeing
  * Communicating structural health inequalities, disparities, and
    change: race, ethnicity, caste, and gender
  * Digitalisation and health communication, health promotion and public
* Global health communication in the age of A.I.: Perils and possibilities
  * Global South health communication experiences from sectors such as
    food security, nutrition, diabetes, migrant health and mobilities,
    health emergencies, and public health challenges emerging from
    climate change.
  * Case studies that demonstrate Global South innovation in evaluation
    and impact of health interventions


 1. Abstract Deadline (400-500 words): 12 May 2024.

/      To be submitted to one of the editors (emails below) /

 2. Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 22 May 2024

 3. Full chapter Deadline (5000 words): 1 September 2024

Editors of the Handbook:

Eliza Govender, University of KwaZulu-Natal, (Govendere1 /at/ <mailto:(Govendere1 /at/>

Vinod Pavarala, Hyderabad University, (vpavarala /at/ <mailto:(vpavarala /at/>

Thomas Tufte, Loughborough University London, (t.tufte /at/ <mailto:(t.tufte /at/>

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