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[Commlist] CFP Mediatization Conference 5

Fri Mar 01 16:46:05 GMT 2024

*Mediatization versus Datafication. Dialogue or competition?*

10 May, 2024
Hybrid: Lublin & Online
Accompanying events: 9 and 11 May, 2024

Organizers: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin
University of Wrocław
Polish Communication Association, Mediatization Section

This year the keynote speech will be given by Professor *Andreas Hepp* (Universität Bremen): */Datafication, automation and communicative AI: Toward a redefinition of mediatization research/* (personal presentation; see the abstract here:

For more details please visit the conference website:

Call for papers

Mediatization is one of those complex theoretical approaches that allow us to understand the complexity of contemporary social phenomena in which media technologies are entangled. In recent years, social action has become even more tightly intertwined with the operation of technologies, which in turn are based on the collection of (big) data. This has provided the impetus to look at the data-based nature of processes and to develop the trend of datafication research. At the same time, with technological advances and market convergence, media has ceased to be a separate sector. It has become integrated with IT. We are also witnessing an institutional shift toward data-driven media and automated, algorithmic communication.

Mediatization (understood as the deep and complex two-sided media and social spheres) and datafication (the process of transforming selected aspects of social life into data and then inscribing these data into social relations) can help us explain how data generated by human networked practices are used in contemporary cultural, social, political and market processes (Hepp and Couldry, 2023; Kaun 2023; Kopecka-Piech and Bolin 2023; Hepp, 2020; Couldry and Meijas, 2019; van Dijk 2014).

Therefore, we consider mediatization and datafication as conceptual tools that can be used to comprehensively understand the current social phenomena that constitute the digital shift towards the prevalence of data-driven media. At the same time, the question of the relationship between mediatization and datafication needs to be raised, as it is not clear whether datafication represents a new and qualitatively different phase of deep mediatization or whether it is just another layer, an element of mediatization. Finally, should the concept of datafication transform research on mediatization? If so, in what way? Since there are only a few attempts to establish a dialogue between mediatization and datafication research (e.g. Hepp, 2020; Kaun, 2023), we are convinced that there is still a need to discuss these two topics.

To address these problems we have invited the renowned keynote speaker Andreas Hepp (Universität Bremen) who will give a keynote speech on: Datafication, automation and communicative AI: Toward a redefinition of mediatization research (personal presentation; see the abstract here).

However, as in the previous years, we open our conference to a wide range of topics related to mediatization and media studies in general, and therefore welcome all papers that address the topics listed below:

Mediatization and datafication – a conceptual dialogue and/or competition
    Datafication as a phase/layer of mediatization
    Mediatization research in times of datafication
Datafication of interpersonal, organizational and institutional communication
    Data colonialism; colonial appropriation of social-personal data
    Digital infrastructures and platform economies
    Artificial intelligence as a tool of mediatization
    Algorithmization of public and interpersonal communication
Platformization of interpersonal, organizational and institutional communication
    Automation of communication
    Mediatization of politics and electoral campaigns
    Mediatization of war and conflict
    Mediatization of sport, physical activity and recreation
    Mediatization of business and economy
    Mediatization of popular culture and fashion
    Mediatization of leisure
    Mediatization of religion and spiritual life
    Mediatization of daily and family life
    (De)mediatization, counter-mediatization and media de-saturation

In addition to the scientific discussions, we are planning social events for our participants to get to know each other better and to spend some time in a more relaxed way in the beautiful city of Lublin during the best season of the year:

Thursday (May 9) evening: Welcome-and-get-together party (location to be announced), where we can get to know each other and spend some time together before attending Friday's speeches and panels.
    Friday (May 10) evening: Dinner for the conference participants.
Saturday (May 11) morning: A guided walk through the marvelous city center to learn more about Lublin's fascinating history and multicultural heritage.

Important dates:
Abstract submission: 20 March, 2024
Abstract acceptance: 25 March, 2024
Languages of the conference: English and Polish
Form of participation: oral presentations or posters, personal and online form
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