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[Commlist] Call for Papers: Special Journal Issue on: ‘War of Narratives in Reporting the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict’

Mon Nov 06 21:49:16 GMT 2023

Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research (JAMMR)

_Call for Papers_


*Special Issue on: ‘War of Narratives in Reporting the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict’*

This special issue of the Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research (JAMMR) aims to address the complexity of the global media coverage of the current war on Gaza and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in general. It also looks at the implications of such war reporting on public opinion and notions of objectivity and balanced reporting in conflict zones. Across various countries, there exists blatant discrepancies in the media narratives related to the history of the conflict, context of the current war and the perception of how events have been unfolding. Numerous studies have pointed out to the problematics of war reporting and the perceived dismissal of globally upheld values of objectivity and balance. The adoption of the Israeli government’s narrative on how events should be viewed has become common practice among numerous global media outlets in USA and Europe.

However, in the midst of the current media war, social media networks have been considered significant in this power struggle. Therefore, we aim in this issue to also discuss the war of narratives developed on social media networks and the extent to which the use of such platforms have empowered activists and civilians on the ground to narrate their perspectives on what has been going.

Overall, this special journal issue aims to unpack the media management of this war by the different players (local, regional and international). It looks at the stance Israeli as well as Western media outlets have taken in covering the conflict as compared to other international media? What alternative news from both sides have social media networks been providing in covering this war? How much does the media coverage resonate into public opinion formation, hence potentially influence policymakers' decision-making and action? What should be the role of responsible journalism vis-à-vis the conflict? Are we witnessing a genuine crisis in media ethics?

Research papers based on _original empirical studies_ are invited regarding (and not necessarily limited to) the following areas of enquiry:

-           Digital media and the war of narratives in reporting the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

-           Global media reporting: Have viewers across the globe been watching the same war?

-           Media management as public opinion management.

-           Mediating the conflict: cross-countries comparisons

-           Palestinian and Arab diaspora and the mediation of the conflict?

-           Resistance/citizen journalism and the war narratives.

-           Media coverage and policymaking: What implications?

-           War reporting and the crisis of media ethics.


An extended abstract of 350 words which explains the aims and research questions of the study, research methodology to be employed and potential theoretical framework should be sent to the editor on: <>


_Submission Deadlines:_

-Abstract of about 350 words and author bio of 100 words max:  by 30 November 2023.

-Full papers: 30 April 2024 (7500-8500 words including list of references)

-Peer-reviewing feedback: 30 June 2024

-Expected publication of the special issue: Fall 2024/Spring 2025

Please refer to the Contributor Guidelines for the Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research while your prepare your paper for submission.

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