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[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 32 Papers that Published in SEPTEMBER

Thu Oct 01 11:10:24 GMT 2020

The International Journal of Communication is pleased to announce the
publication of 32 papers including the Special Section on Image Activism
After the Arab Uprisings in September 2020. Please visit to read
these articles and the Special Section.

Beyond Fact-Checking: Lexical Patterns as Lie Detectors in Donald Trump’s
Tweets Dorian Hunter Davis, Aram Sinnreich
Political Scandals in the Modern Media Environment: Applying a New
Analytical Framework to Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater and E-Mail Scandals Diana Zulli
Articulating Transgender Subjectivity: How Discursive Formations Perpetuate
Regimes of Power Erica Ciszek, Nathian Shae Rodriguez
Citizen Journalism, Political Discussion, and Civic Participation: Testing a
Moderating Role of Media Credibility and Collective Efficacy Seungahn Nah, Masahiro Yamamoto
“We Decided We Don’t Want Children. We Will Let Them Know Tonight”:
Parental Humor on Social Media in a Time of Coronavirus Pandemic Dafna Lemish, Nelly Elias
The Case for Asymmetry in Online Research: Caring About Issues in Australian
and Canadian Web 1.0 Bee Networks Mathieu O'Neil, Mahin Raissi, Bethaney Turner
“Like a Boss” or Just Bossy? How Audiences Across Age and Gender
Evaluate Counterstereotypical Women on Television Sierra Bray, Olivia González, Natalie Jonckheere
Cobranded Diplomacy: A Case Study of the British Council’s Branding of
“Darwin Now” in Egypt Amal Bakry
Counteracting Misleading Protobacco YouTube Videos: The Effects of
Text-Based and Narrative Correction Interventions and the Role of
Yotam Ophir, Dan Romer, Patrick E. Jamieson, Kathleen Hall Jamieson
China, Africa, and the West: A Geopolitical Assessment of Huawei’s Crisis
Communication on Social Networks Stefano Calzati Social Media and Protest Attitudes During Movement Abeyance: A Study of Hong Kong University Students Francis L.F. Lee, Michael Chan, Hsuan-Ting Chen Trade Unions and Lobbying: Fighting Private Interests While Defending the Public Interest? Chiara Valentini, Øyvind Ihlen, Ian Somerville, Ketil Raknes, Scott
Davidson  An Examination of Information Behaviors Surrounding Controversial
Sociopolitical Issues: Roles of Moral Emotions and Gender Cheng Hong, Weiting Tao, Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai, Bo Ra Yook The Technologization of News Acts in Networked News Participation: LGBT Self-Media in China Yidong Wang, Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Avery E. Holton Sacred Sites for Global Publics: New Media Strategies for the Re-Enchantment of the Holy Land Oren Golan, Michele Martini Thou Art in a Deal: The Evolution of Religious Language in the Public Communications of Donald Trump Ceri Hughes Understanding the Role of Social Media in Political Participation:
Integrating Political Knowledge and Bridging Social Capital From the Social
Cognitive Approach Hyuksoo Kim, Yeojin Kim, Doohwang Lee Rationalizing the Gap: How Journalists in a Nondemocratic Regime Make Sense of Their Professional Work Tatsiana Karaliova Deepening Democracy Through a Social Movement: Networks, Information Rights, and Online and Offline Activism Jeannine E. Relly, Rajdeep Pakanati Agenda-Setting in Russian Media Anastasia Kazun Do You Know Your Enemy: The Role of Known Actors as Framing Devices in News Media Benjamin King Smith, Andrea Figueroa-Caballero, Musa al-Gharbi, Michael
 Reconstructing Public Utility Networks: A Program for Action
Dan Schiller

Leara Rhodes, Peace Through Media Irene Awino

Colin Milburn, Respawn: Gamers, Hackers, and Technogenic Life William Thomas Howe
Betteke Van Ruler, Iekje Smit, Øyvind Ihlen, Stefania Romenti, How
Strategic Communication Shapes Value and Innovation in Society
Robert Kozinets

Sonia Livingstone and Alicia Blum-Ross, Parenting for a Digital Future: How
Hopes and Fears about Technology Shape Children’s Lives
Meryl Alper
 Michal Daliot-Bul and Nissim Otmazgin, The Anime Boom in the United States
Lessons for Global Creative Industries
Manuel Hernandez Perez
Larry Gross                                                       Editor

Arlene Luck
Managing Editor
Kady Bell-Garcia
Associate Managing Editor

International Journal of Communication (IJoC)
USC Annenberg Press
University of Southern California
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