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[Commlist] Culture Beside itself- issue 11; Journal of Aesthetic & Protest published

Thu Jul 09 15:16:22 GMT 2020

With the comfortable pairing of humbleness and quiet confidence,
we present you the results of our 2 year's  editorial/curatorial and collaborative research work through these turbulent times in the form of our 11th issue- “Culture Beside Itself” -
Issue 11: Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Culture Beside Itself
Autonomously edited non-fascist or avant garde collectively edited Newsletters, presented as a model for other ways of research and non-institutional work. In that way, it is conceptualized in relation to new municipalist and decolonial cultural and theoretical work.

The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest is an almost 20-year old autonomous non-academic journal that describes itself as a “freak archive”, publishing outfit and artist’s colective.


View the entire issue online here -

/Culture Beside Itself/,  the 11th issue is primarilly a compendium of 19 newsetters, authored and autonomously edited non- or anti-fascist or avant garde collectives.
These newsletters were locally distributed before joining our compendium.
The editorial/curatorial project began as a way to support and/or initiate more long-term situated praxis - praxis with a decidedly critical eye towards whatever mediating force– left or right; in support of radical, decolonial, eco-social and progressive ends bound up in those left-mediating forces. The issue is a work of political solidarity and book arts; we wanted to take seriously our practice as editor/orgaizers.

The issue’s editorial i available here-

The issue began with the rise of an institutional left and an art world hot and bothered up its scales by the rising right and our desire to assist practices that were not primarilly motivated to move up the scales of mediatic and autonomated political power,
but rather, to care for immediate situations.

This was conceptualized, also, in some sort of relation to our Journal's nearly 20 year existence as a precarious non-institution, socially yet strangely situated outside but besides seemingly important discourse. This situation
ground's this issue's perspective.

The issue features 19 autonomously edited newsletters, initially edited and distributed in a variety of situations and contexts in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. We worked hard to make this as global an issue as possible: the
success and failures of this effort are evident.
3. Contrbutors

In addition to our lllustrated editorial, the issue also contains four article that reflect on the issue's subject of focus. - Print media theorist Nick Thoburn on the newsletter form as a possibly communist object <>. - Out of the Woods Collective on eco-fascism, practice and place <> - Critical Theorist Hammam Aldouri on the limits of the art world's liberal universalism- via LA MOCA and Marina Abramovic <> - Tools for Action artist collective, on the creation of non-fascist avant garde collective spectacle <>
Newsletters from:
*Anti-fascist Culture* (Athens, Thessaloniki & beyond)
*Black Book Assembly *(Hong Kong, Wuhan, and elsewhere)
*Museum Adjacen*t <>(Los Angeles)
*The Center for Enchantment* (Albany)
*We TBD* (Los Angeles)
*Zizi de Vitruve* (Strasbourg)
*Around the Table* (London)
*La Foresta/Evening Class* (Rovereto & London)
*Five Years* (London)
*Never Again/Anti-Fascist Yea*r <> (Warsaw)
*Woodbine *(Ridgewood Queens, New York)
*collective @ .ac* (Lancashire)
*ReadingRoom *(Utrecht)
*Evening Class *(London)
*The Re-Imagining Value Action Lab/RiVAL *(Thunder Bay)
*DSA Ecosocialist WG* (Santa Cruz)
*Critical Practice Notes* (Los Angeles)
*The Casual School Collective* (Canberra)
*Pro Arts Gallery & Commons *(Oakland)

Design Spread-
A spread from the issue which is primarilly a compilation of locally edited/
locally distributed newsletters: Black Book Collective (Hong Kong and Wuhan)
Issue Masthead:
co-editors: Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Amber Hickey, Claudia Firth
initiating editor: Marc Herbst

print cover design: Josh MacPhee
print interior design: Toots McSparkles
Web Design: Rebecca Black
Advisiing Editor: John Z. Komurki

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