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[Commlist] CFP: 70th Annual ICA Conference

Wed Sep 04 21:44:26 GMT 2019

Conference Theme Call for Papers

Gold Coast, Australia | 21-25 May 2020

Click to Read PDF Version of Theme Call for Papers:

The ICA 2020 conference theme aims to facilitate and deepen the conversation about Open Science in the field of communication. The international movement towards Open Science touches on many aspects of our research practices, and discussing the implications will enable and contribute to a conversation in the ICA and our field more broadly about Open Science. This is an inclusive conversation from which our entire field can benefit.

As a concept, Open Science is oriented toward advancing scholarship through transparency, wide-ranging collaboration, and a focus on the creation of public goods. It is about sharing knowledge about our research process, being up front about research ideas, transparent and thoughtful about analyzing our materials, and ensuring that, when possible, data and instruments are available for future scholars to learn from and to challenge. We need an open conversation about what the Open Science movement implies for the diverse field of communication research. This conversation should serve to further increase both the quality of our research and the transparency of the research process. As is the case with Open Access, quality and transparency will help us to build better communication research with a broader appeal.

Open communication science is not a one-size-fits-all. But how can we develop best practices and share experiences in creating an ‘Open Communication Science’ space for all scholars? These are conversations that we should have as communication scholars, at our home universities, with our funders, and also within the ICA.

With the theme of Open Communication, we encourage research and panels that cut across research domains and practices. We invite researchers to look beyond divisional and sub-disciplinary boundaries and also bring in perspectives from adjacent disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. In particular, we also encourage submissions that focus on digital communication, the lockdown of platforms, and the interesting tensions between data science and open science practices.

With the Open Communication conference theme, we encourage scholars to address key questions that relate to collaboration in and the accessibility of our work, such as:

What are good open science practices and how can they be adopted in our discipline? What does open science imply for the norms and values that underlie our research work? How do we develop an inclusive open science culture that is respectful of epistemological differences? How do we square developments towards data science, algorithms, and artificial intelligence with open science principles and practices? How can open science enable the communication field to be inspired by, and inspire, adjacent fields? How do we educate both emerging and established communication scholars about open science? What are the roles and responsibilities of different actors (universities, funders, associations, research groups, journals, individual researchers)?

Submission guidelines for the ICA 2020 theme category:
All submissions must focus on the topic of Open Communication;
Work that debates, advances, or practices open science principles in communication can be submitted as papers so as to allow the theme chair to create panels that discuss and/or showcase open science practices; Panels for the theme should be cross-divisional (having broad appeal across all units of ICA),
Innovative (and interactive) and educational formats are encouraged.

Submissions to theme sessions must follow all general guidelines put forward by ICA. Proposals for papers and panels on the conference theme are invited from all sectors of the field, and will be evaluated competitively by anonymous reviewers selected by the theme chair. Submissions deemed to fit only the interests of one division or interest group rather than the conference as a whole will be forwarded to that group for consideration. Papers or panels submitted to the theme must not be submitted simultaneously for consideration to any division or interest group.

Panel proposals on the conference theme must include a 400-word rationale explaining how the panel fits the conference theme plus a separate 150-word summary of the description to appear in the conference program.

General Proposals

As always: papers, posters, and panels that apply to general communication topics not having to do with theme are also welcome. These are organized within the 32 ICA divisions and interest groups’ Calls for Papers, the submission guidelines for which will be enumerated on the ICA website in August.

All panel submissions (general and theme) should:
include contributions from at least two different countries,
feature gender balance, and
include not more than one contributor from a single faculty, department or school;

For other questions related to the 2020 conference theme, please contact the Conference Theme Chair.

Conference Theme Chair
Eike Mark Rinke
U of Leeds
(e.m.rinke /at/

Conference Program Chair
Claes de Vreese
U of Amsterdam
(c.h.devreese /at/
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