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[Commlist] CFP: 'Grounded Place' - International Journal of Creative Media Research

Mon May 13 11:58:23 GMT 2019

_Call for Proposals:_

*‘Grounded Place’
A special issue of /International Journal of Creative Media Research/*

*_Guest Editors: Dafydd Sills-Jones (Auckland University of Technology) and Paul Newland (Bath Spa University)_*

We live in a world of ecological crisis; a world in which we are witnessing sharpening class differences between a mobile global elite, economic migrants, and an often still largely stationary working population. Shifts in global and local power have seen the nation state, international capital and grounded communities thrown into new combinations and relations.  In response to these changes, how might moving media practitioners and artists communicate, evoke or interrogate ‘groundedness’, or what Arif Dirlik refers to as a sense of what is included in place ‘from within place’? (Arif Dirlik, ‘Globalization, indigenism, social movements, and the politics of place’, Localities, 1 (2011): pp.47-90).

Submissions could engage with this open question in many ways, including, for example:

  * How might media practitioners and artists explore the relationship
    between groundedness, the extra-local, and the global?
  * What aesthetic judgements might media practitioners and artists
    make, develop or utilise in order to evoke a sense of (or
    relationship with) roundedness?
  * How might media practitioners and artists usefully examine how far
    groundedness and an ecologically-based notion of ‘place’ might offer
    a way of resisting the universalising discourse of ‘development’?
Submissions might also engage with the following specific thematic areas:

  * indigenous epistemologies and ontologies
  * cosmopolitanism and aesthetics
  * revisiting Situationalist strategies
  * landscape
  * ruralism
  * the urban, exurban or suburban
  * phenomenology, memory and embodied knowledge
  * ecology
  * notions of belonging, home and homeliness
  * political resistance

The deadline for 300-word abstracts is *31 July 2019*. Email: Dafydd Sills-Jones ((dafydd.sills-jones /at/ <mailto:(dafydd.sills-jones /at/>) and Paul Newland ((p.newland /at/ <mailto:(p.newland /at/>).

We will accept work in one of three submission categories:

  * 'Single-Piece Explorations' (i.e. a single video or audio piece
    accompanied by a 1,500-word research statement)
  * 'Multi-Piece Portfolios' (i.e. a number of mixed media artefacts
    like video, image and audio, accompanied by up to a 3,000-word
  * 'Practice Discoveries' (i.e. a 6,000-word article about an area of
    creative practice)

We also encourage reflections on practice-based research methods and contexts that engage with the questions raised above.

/International Journal of Creative Media Research/ is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed and open access academic journal devoted to pushing forward the approaches to and possibilities for publishing creative media-based research:

More detailed descriptions of the above submission categories can be found on the journal website's Author Guidelines <> page.

Please contact the Guest Editors directly for further information.

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