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[Commlist] cfp: Filmic and Media Narratives of the Crisis : Contemporary Representations

Mon Apr 15 10:48:44 GMT 2019

Conference: */Filmic and Media Narratives of the Crisis : Contemporary Representations/*


  November 7 – 8, 2019, Athens

Call for papers:

The crisis narrated by the cinema and the media-stories (fictional and « informative ») is an ideal topic reflecting thoughts, doubts, and fears of our societies. Beginning with the cinema (its allegories and transcriptions of the social and political actions) and continuing with any imaginal narration of the contemporary social issues (the crisis being a major one) this conference invites analysis research of the contemporary narrations of the media in order to finally « capture » the dominant myths sustaining our everyday life.

The “success stories” usually describe issues concerning the struggle for power and control (including cases of the formed zones of security and insecurity, of the role and mobilization of technological issues, of the elites chosen to affront the crisis etc.). In filmic stories individual heroes become the protagonists of “world salvation” (reductionist pedagogy as far as it concerns the crisis, giving nevertheless a dominant perception concerning the nowadays division of the world into security and insecurity zones where regions like Mediterranean Sea become “frontier lands”). We need to mention here the different /war representations /(including the economic war) given that the absolute crisis in history is « war » (including periods of Law exceptions, of social radicalizations, where societies play for their survival, the dissolution and the *re-arrangement *of a certain relation to the world and of new definitions of the “social link”).

Some main axes of investigation proposed for this conference are (not exclusively) the following:


Heroes and Victims;

Propagandas (triumph of a dominant model of thought) using dreams, myths and ideals;

Dialogue between dominant myths and peripheral reflections;

Cultural Industries and local productions;

Film, Media Receptions & Cultural Studies (the decoding of spectators and the understanding of different narratives);

Abstracts (around 500 words) must be sent before *April 30th* to the address: (recitsfilmiquesdelacrise /at/ <mailto:(recitsfilmiquesdelacrise /at/>

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