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[Commlist] cfp - Persistence of Vision: Women Reframing Animation

Sun Apr 14 14:56:02 GMT 2019

new deadline for contributions, please circulate

**DEADLINE EXTENSION* Persistenceof Vision: Women Reframing Animation*

*Friday 28th June 2019*

*Goldsmiths, University of London*


*Keynote speaker: Caroline Ruddell, Brunel University*


*EXTENSION* Call for Contributions: _Monday 22nd __April 2019_

We are inviting contributions for this one-day symposium, supported by MeCCSA Women’s Network and hosted by the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, to be held on Friday 28^th June.

Animation is a medium like no other.It is accessible in ways other forms of film making are not; it breaks down cultural, social and technical boundaries and as such has a distinctive potential as a tool for education, activism and engagement.It has the power to imagine all sorts of possibilities, and as such has a unique ability to illuminate and realise radical ideas and concepts – particularly for those cultural creators traditionally excluded from creative systems of power.

This symposium provides an inclusive space for academics, practitioners and students to investigate what it is about animation that attracts and gives space to these voices, while also asking what might be done to amplify them at industry level.It will be an opportunity to explore the subversive nature of animation and consider ways that this medium, in various forms, can be used as a critical resource to communicate, engage and engender social change.

In response to this, we welcome papers, innovative presentations and workshops (details of workshop facilities below) on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  * The impact of identity on animation production/ autobiographical
  * Animated documentary/ documentary animation/ essay films
  * Feminism and animation
  * Animated activism
  * Application of animation for teaching, learning and research
  * Animation as interdisciplinary exploration/ collaboration
  * Animation for pleasure and profit: making your space in the industry

Abstracts of up to 250 words, as well as full author details (name, position, contact details and institutional affiliation/s if applicable), should be submitted by*Monday 22nd April 2019*to Ceiren Bell (at_c.bell /at/ Contributors will be notified of the outcome by*Friday 10^th May 2019. *

This event is inclusive of_all_ who identify as women – trans, non-binary and cis - and we value all voices, experiences and participants regardless of their academic standing, educational level, ethnicity, class, (dis)abilities, or employment status.We are unable to provide childcare facilities, but children are welcome to attend the conference under the supervision and responsibility of their parent(s).


We are looking for creative, dynamic, interactive and practical proposals for a 1 - 2 hour workshop session to create a collaborative animated piece that seeks to explore animationas a radical, empowering experiential practice.

The session will involve 20 - 30 participants, with two student helpers.Participants may include animators, academics and students from the University as well as local schools and colleges.The available space has tables and chairs and a Mac-based audio-visual system. There is a small budget for paper, drawing materials etc and there are four digital SLR cameras and tripods available.

Submissions are welcome from anyone who is involved in any aspect of animation.

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