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[Commlist] Call For Paper for New Book entitled "The State of the Informational Sphere in Post-truth Era: ‘FakeNews’, ‘Algorithms, Dark-social and Populism"

Sat Mar 30 15:52:05 GMT 2019

*The State of the Informational Sphere in Post-truth Era: ‘Fake News’, ‘Algorithms, Dark-social and Populism*

Today, we live in a post-truth era where the reality is shape-shifting. Creating alternative realities and making people to believe fake realities become easier. It’s because, through Web 2 technologies and digital platforms’ algorithms that rely on engagement, the shape of information is dramatically changed. Over the past years, specific characteristics of new media as being digital, interactive, hypertextual and networked make it possible to get and share information about anything, at any time that we want (Lister et all. 2009). So, today, people can create media contents and instantly share their stories via user-generated websites and social networks. Also digital social platforms tend to promote dramatic, sensational and emotional content, which harms rational political debate that is seen as an essential element of a democratic public sphere.

In addition to the severe problem of the diminishing importance of rationality in the public political debate, in the recent years, especially after the events that took place during the Brexit Referendum and the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016, among scholars, journalists and policy-makers, another topic has become a subject of debate:/‘Fake news’/. Despite the rising popularity of the term, the phenomena it refers to can be better described as/information disorder/which is the umbrella term that covers the topics of disinformation, misinformation, false information, mal-information, media deception, and etc.

Information disorder cannot be studied without understanding the complex socio-political and socio-economical background, namely the post-truth era. Within this framework, the issue can and should be examined by covering the different aspects of the matter: the rise of populist politics, the impact of digital social platforms on the public sphere, the diminishing power of the conventional gatekeepers and the rise of the new gate-keepers namely the engagement-oriented algorithms, the spread of misinformation, disinformation and hate-speech in the dark-social, and the counter-measures (such as the establishment of fact-checking mechanisms) taken against information disorder by the platforms, policy-makers, and independent organizations.

The aim of this collected book is to seek answers for the questions related issues and challenges of ‘fake news’ seen and discussed in every field of social sciences like;

  * Is the fake news correct term to define the problem within the
    informational sphere?
  * What is “fake news”, what is not?
  * How are the mechanisms of manipulation in the post-truth era?
  * How do ‘fake news’ and “hate speech” mostly spread? What is the role
    of dark social?
  * Do ‘fake news’ cause violence against others?
  * How algorithms affect spreading of ‘fake news’?
  * How does virality affect spreading of ‘fake news’?
  * What are the counter majors taken by policy makers and platforms
    against informational disorder?
  * How do fact-checking organizations work?


*Important Notice:* The book will be published by Peter Lang Publishing. Authors are free to suggest related subjects in accordance with the call for paper. Chapters may use any methodology and must not be previously published or under review for publication elsewhere. All abstracts and manuscripts will go through a review process. Abstracts (max 300 words) should be sent (toposttruth2019 /at/ <mailto:(posttruth2019 /at/> .





*Tirşe Erbaysal Filibeli*received her Ph.D. from Galatasaray University, Doctoral Program in Media and Communication Studies with her thesis focusing on ‘new social movements and peace journalism’. She worked as special rapporteur for Hrant Dink Foundation, Asulis Discourse, Dialogue, Democracy Laboratory. She has worked as a researcher in the country team of Turkey, of the Media Pluralism Monitor Project that is supported by Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) and European Commission, financed by European Union. She works as an assistant professor and the chair of the New Media Department at Bahçeşehir University.She is the co-editor of a new book entitled “Journalism a ‘Peacekeeping agent’ at the time of conflict” that came out in December 2018 from Brill Publication.She has many publications on contemporary issues in journalism and new media studies. Her recent research interests focus on user generated content, online journalism and fact checking, ‘fake news’ about minorities and othering in post-truth era.

*Orhan Şener* obtained his Bachelors Degree in Business-Economics, and has started his Masters Degree in Information, Communication and Society at City University London. He has graduated from the program with his dissertation titled ‘Online Political Participation of University Students in Istanbul’. Since 2014, he has been enrolled to the PhD Program in Media and Communication Studies at Galatasaray University. The title of the PhD dissertation is ‘Informational Access and Filtering Practices: A Study on Turkish Journalists’. He is the director of Journalism Academy of the Journalists’ Union of Turkey and editor at (bipartisan media organization aiming to enhance quality of journalism practices in Turkey) & NewsLabTurkey (digital journalism academy supported by The Guardian Foundation). Hegives lectures on communication studies, new media and digital transformation and innovation at Bahçeşehir, Kadir Has, Kültür and Nişantaşı Universities.



*Key Dates*

*Call for Paper: *March 15, 2019

*Deadline to submit abstract :* April 5, 2019

*Abstract Decision Announced: *April 10, 2019

*Deadline for full paper submission:* July 1; 2019

Tirşe Erbaysal Filibeli
Assistant Professor
Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Communication
Chair, Department of New Media 	

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