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[Commlist] Call for Papers: Book 2.0, Volume 9 Issue 2

Sat Mar 23 06:51:23 GMT 2019

Call for Papers: Book 2.0, Volume 9 Issue 2
Deadline for submission: 1 May 2019

Special Issue: The Book and Digital Technology

Book 2.0 is an international, peer-reviewed journal concerned with the
future and traditions of publishing, book production, writing,
illustration and all the ways in which cultures develop and are
disseminated by both physical and digital means.

The next issue will celebrate how technology has been written into
books and how books have, and continue to be, written into technology.
It will explore the history and enduring relationship between the two
from the perspectives of theory and practice, and will consider any
submissions that address the theoretical or creative dialogues that
thrive at this exciting nexus of literary and digital possibilities.
Marshall McLuhan’s 1964 claim that ‘the content of any medium is
always another medium’ is perhaps more relevant today than it has ever
been. The book as an object regularly finds its way into digital
culture, particularly within games, mobile and interactive fiction, as
do the languages of digital technology increasingly find their way
onto the pages of traditionally produced books. The place where
bookish and literary practices meets technology provides a deep well
of possibilities for authors especially for those seeking to extend
their practice across mediums, at the same time, readers engaging with
these points of intersection have been evolving, developing the
fluency required by these new literacies.

Contributions are invited from scholars, authors, poets, illustrators,
filmmakers, publishers, game designers and others with theoretical or
practice interests in this field and submissions are welcomed
addressing the range of sub genres including all forms of digital
storytelling, interactive fiction, games, mobile stories, ambient
literature, and transmedia storytelling.

Contributions may include (but are not limited to):

The remediation of digital culture into contemporary books.
The book as material object in relation to digital culture.
Books in virtual worlds.
Case studies of particular books, games, or other media.
Intersections of traditional and digital literacies.
Critical approaches to intermediality, remediation, and/or transmedia
Artistic and philosophical explorations of the topics proposed are
also encouraged.
Multimodal approaches colliding during book production and digital media.
The place of readers and audiences within developing new literacies.

A sample past issue of Book 2.0 is available for free online at:

If you are interested in contributing, please email
(andra.ivanescu /at/ and
(sarah.gibsonyates /at/ with a 300-word abstract, synopsis or
other form of
proposal and a 100-word biography by the deadline of 1 May 2019.

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