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[Commlist] CFP: transnationalization of turkish television series

Fri Apr 05 10:22:43 GMT 2019

Turkish television series have recently become a great phenomenon: With the rise of their popularity as of the 2010s, they have been among the most viewed programmes in the countries they are exported to. They have become a direct and “live” representation of Turkey turning into one of the prominent components of global presence and soft power. This doubtlessly creates a snowball effect that needs to be studied within the political, economic, cultural and social contexts. This call for chapters is for an edited book titled “TRANSNATIONALIZATION OF TURKISH TELEVISION SERIES”.

Turkey has the second place in global television series sales. Turkish television series have been named as /soap operas/ and /telenovelas/ in many countries. For the last two years, Turkish television series have been competing in the category of “best telenovela” in International Emmy Awards. However, in the meantime, more people are calling Turkish television series /Turkish dizis/ since it is becoming a brand by itself with its duration, production techniques, scenarios, and music.

This study aims to be a compilation of the current success of Turkish television series worldwide within the political, economic, cultural and social contexts. Manuscript submissions may address the following themes through a research-based approach. Contributors are to focus on a certain aspect or various aspects related to the worldwide broadcasting of Turkish television series on the following thematic areas in addition to other related themes with the above scope in mind:

Internationalization vs Domestic Markets in Turkish TV Series

Turkish TV Series and Turkish popular culture

Intercultural Communication and Turkish TV series

Production and post-production of Turkish TV Series

Social media, interaction and Turkish TV Series

Turkish TV Series as a trigger for Contemporary Turkish art and media

International television and television theories changing with Turkish TV Series

Turkish /dizi/ as an international brand

Tourism, country-branding, global presence, soft power, cultural diplomacy and Turkish TV Series

Turkish TV Series as products of creative and cultural industries

Challenges to the internationalization of Turkish TV Series

Turkish TV series in different parts of the world and regional, global effects

International trade opportunities and Turkish television series

Transnational media flow and Turkish TV Series as an alternative media flow

Turkish television series besides regional or global conflicts

Turkish /dizi/ as an alternative to Turkish soap opera or Turkish telenovela

If you would like to contribute, please submit an abstract of 250-300 words to (turkishtelevisionseries /at/ <mailto:(turkishtelevisionseries /at/> until 03.05.2019.  For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ozgu Yolcu, PhD, Istanbul University

Pınar Aslan, PhD, Bursa Technical University

Constanza Mujíca, PhD, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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