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[ecrea] Film, Fashion & Consumption 4.2&3, on #Marilyneveryday: The persistence of Marilyn Monroe as a cultural icon guest edited by Lucy Bolton

Mon Jun 13 13:55:19 GMT 2016

Intellect is delighted to announce the new special issue of /Film, Fashion & Consumption 4.2&3, /on /#Marilyneveryday: The persistence of Marilyn Monroe as a cultural icon /guest edited by Lucy Bolton will be available soon! This issue includes interviews with the British Film Institute and the National Portrait Gallery on /Curating Marilyn./


If you have any questions about the journal click here <,id=203/>or email (becky /at/

List of articles (partial list):

*Trashing Marilyn: Reflections of a metabiographer*

*Authors*: /Sarah Churchwell/

Page Start: 145

This article reflects upon the act of writing a biography of Marilyn Monroe. By examining questions of value and judgement attached to writing about Monroe, the article proceeds to consider how judgements are made about Monroe herself through a process of pathology. Challenging this, and the cultural belittling of Monroe’s achievements, Sarah Churchwell argues that sensationalist biographies frequently assert uncontested truths while, in fact, most offer deeply contested conjectures. This article dismantles these fictions and enables a different, less culturally laden Monroe to emerge.

*Marilyn and her female audiences: Consumption, transgression, emulation*

*Authors: */Pamela Church Gibson/

Page Start:159

Marilyn Monroe has been variously claimed as both symbol and product of the new consumerism and changing mores of the 1950s. This article addresses the way in which Monroe is portrayed in these publications in comparison to her peers at the time.

*Ghostly threads: Painting Marilyn Monroe’s white dress*

*Authors: */Cathy Lomax///

Page Start:177

In this article Cathy Lomax looks at how Monroe’s image, despite, or maybe because of, her efforts to control it during her lifetime, has continued to be influential. Referring to specific examples of Monroe’s film and costume to unpick why she is still such a fascinating figure and why the authors paintings, whilst not actually featuring Monroe, manage to convey a powerful essence of her through the trace of her body.


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